Kia: Technology that Moves You 10.0 Drei Osterreich: X-Mas, 2 9.8 Drei Osterreich: X-Mas, 1 9.8 Tony Stacey Centre: Light the Way 9.5 Beaver Beverage Company: Beaver 8.0 Vipp: Some Values Belong in the Bin. Others don't 9.0 Avon Institute: Speak up, Angela 9.0 MALI: Refs for Change 10.0 Ferrero Estathé: Feeling Good Starts With Pleasure 0.0 Volkswagen: #GolDoBrasil 9.0 RSF: Information Warfare 10.0 Transavia: Les Boules à Soleil 0.0 Skoda: Calendar Car 10.0 A&W Restaurants: Curdiologist, Sriracha Cheese Curds 0.0 Cameron’s Coffee: Never Bitter 9.0 Cheerios: Interracial Couple 9.3 America SCORES: Poet Athlete 10.0 COGAM: #LoveWinsQatar 10.0 General Motors: Neighbor Hoods, Shaina 0.0 General Motors: Neighbor Hoods, Jerk 0.0 Marine Toys for Tots Foundation: Anyone Can Be Santa 10.0 Ad of the Day | Posten: Father Christmas and Mother Earth 10.0 Jaeger-Lecoultre: Made of Makers 9.0 Deutsche Telekom: How are You? 10.0 Copenhagen Pride: Proud Pitch 9.0 No2violence: Violence Against Women 9.0 Burger King: Who is the new Burger King ad for? 10.0 Duolingo: Museum of Wonky English 10.0 JobsOhio: Landing Home, Integrity First 9.0 JobsOhio: Landing Home, Service Before Self 0.0 Denon: Crafted for the Sound Obsessed 9.5 Woman Life Freedom: The Water Lily 10.0 The Migraine Trust: Relink 10.0 Ad of the Day | Erste Group: #believeinchristmas 9.5 NAAMAT: Historically Speaking 10.0 So Foot: Boycott or not Boycott? 10.0 Women's Aid: He's Coming Home 10.0 St. Vincent de Paul: Essentielle Boutique 9.0 CALM: The Invisible Opponent, Let's Tackle It Together 10.0 Fonzies: Fonzies for Canada 10.0 Grindr: Come Home With Us 0.0 Belgo: Taste the Difference 10.0

Latest News

Dec. 07, 2022

KIA Brings Movement to a World where Technology is Keeping us Still

Kia Motors is launching a pan-European campaign depicting a world where technology is keeping us stuck in one place

Dec. 07, 2022

Someplace Nice Welcomes Director Scott Pickett

Scott’s work has garnered international acclaim, winning awards including a Gold Clio and a Bronze Cannes Lion