Philips: #AirfryBeforeYouBuy 0.0 Burgenland: Taste like This Only Stars in Burgenland 0.0 Old Spice x Wonder Bread: Talladega Stewart 9.0 Columbia: Go Out Anyway 0.0 Financial Times: Without Fear and Without Favour 0.0 The Ritz-Carlton: Leave Better, Anthem 9.5 The Ritz-Carlton: Leave Better, Shell Wings 0.0 The Ritz-Carlton: Leave Better, Closed Open 9.0 The Ritz-Carlton: Leave Better, Note Symphony 9.0 The Ritz-Carlton: Leave Better, Bud Bloom 9.0 BURGER KING: The Hand 9.0 Travelodge: Better Get a Travelodge, Football 0.0 Travelodge: Better Get a Travelodge, Brian 0.0 Travelodge: Better Get a Travelodge, Gym 9.0 Ad of the Day | Esselunga: The Peach 9.7 PRADA: Rethinking Beauty 10.0 Breast Cancer Now: If I had More Time 9.0 Wyoming Whiskey: Wide Open Spaces 9.0 Axe: Black Remixed x BZRP 9.0 Betclic: The Wave 0.0 Nowness։ What on Earth 9.0 Beeline: Empty City 0.0 Beeline: Out of the Box 9.0 eBay: Mirror 0.0 H&S: Weight of the Flake 0.0 Chili's Crispers: Credit Score 0.0 Huggies: Baby's First Embrace 0.0 Pure Rush: Soap Raising the Bar Testimonial 0.0 Pure Rush: Soap Leave the World a Little Cleaner, Lion 9.0 ImOn Communications: Always On, Smart Home 0.0 ImOn Communications: Always On, Wi-Fi 9.0 Raffaello: Passion fashion collection 0.0 JD Williams: My Mum, Your Dad 0.0 Autotrader: If You See a Car, Find it on Autotrader 10.0 Ad of the Day | Translated: Human Touch 9.5 Ubisoft: Life is Better at Motorfest 10.0 On Running: Tri Kings 10.0 Ramsbury Gin: Never out of Place 0.0 YSL: MYSLF x Austin Butler 0.0 Ad of the Day | Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed Nexus VR 10.0 Loaf: Make Loaf Not War 0.0 Silk & Spice: Meant to be Discovered 10.0

Latest News

Sep. 30, 2023

JvM Nerd & Stunning Studio Create Own Multi-Brand Fortnite Game Experience

KICKZ M3TA, the Metaverse joint venture that includes basketball and fashion retailer KICKZ, Jung von Matt NERD, and brandneo, is launching the "Mooncourt"

Sep. 29, 2023

How Effective Music Collaboration Elevates Ad Quality

Music collaboration, by bringing together diverse talents and perspectives, significantly elevates the effectiveness of an advertisement