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Since its creation, Back Market has been working to change the way we consume and perceive tech products. In just a few years, the company has proven that economic profitability, hypergrowth and environmental commitment are not mutually exclusive. With this high-profile campaign, Back Market relies on entertainment and pop culture to talk to as many people as possible about refurbishing with a simple message: by buying or selling on Back Market, anyone can give new life to an electronic device. So, no offense to our friends the cats, but from now on they are not the only ones to have multiple lives.


Advertising Agency:

Buzzman, Paris, France

President and Executive Creative Director:

Georges Mohammed-Chérif

Vice – President:

Thomas Granger

Managing Director:

Julien Levilain

Creative Director:

Georges Mohammed-Chérif

Art Directors:

Yvonnick Le Bruchec, Thibault Picot


Yvonnick Le Bruchec, Thibault Picot

Art Director Assistant:

Pierre-Marie Hascoet

Business Director:

Clément Chagnaud

Account Manager:

Sacha Hanras

Account Executive:

Célia Curcio

Head of Strategic Planning:

Clément Scherrer

Head of Social Media:

Julien Scaglione

Social Media Consultant:

Nadège Jourdan

Head of PR & Communication:

Amélie Juillet

PR & Communication Manager:

Paul Renaudineau

PR & Communication Assistants:

Anouck Vallez, Tifanny Boutih

Head of TV Production:

Vanessa Barbel


Ayman Jaroudi

Print Producer:

Charlotte Chadeau

Print Producer Assistant:

Marine Sassi

Rights Manager:

Elise Exposito

Production Company:


Film Director:

Tom Kuntz


Hugo Diaz

Post Production:

Mathematic Studio

Post Producer:

Renaud Coulon

Sound Production:



Marc Da Cuhna Lopez

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer:

Vianney Vaute

Head of US Communication:

Alexander Wright

Head of UE Communication:

Donatienne Vaute

UE Communication Project Manager:

Lucile Dumeaux

Senior Communication Manager FR:

Nina Quellier

Communication Project Manager FR:

Diane Tamalet

Head of Communication SP:

Marta Castillo Sampedro

Head of Communication DE and AT:

Alexandra Brandt

Communications Project Manager Germany:

Yasemin Zühlsdorf


September, 2022