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Carbonara is the most famous pasta recipe in the world. But how did it all start? Rome, 1944. An Italian cook meets a young American soldier with a mission: to set up a special meal for the Allied forces stationed in the city. Discover the legend behind the origins of carbonara, a dish prepared for the first time to take care of someone that’s still continuing today to bring everyone together. On April 6th for #CarbonaraDay​ prepare a carbonara for whoever you care. Inspired by this story of caring, Barilla, who has always believed in the power of pasta to unite everyone, turned #Carbonara​ into #CareBonara​, the ideal recipe to take care of people. And to make a real gesture of care, Barilla will be next to Food For Soul - the nonprofit founded by chef Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore - supporting their mission and sustainability initiatives around the world, with a donation of 1 million pasta dishes throughout 2021, nourishing socially vulnerable individuals through the organization’s operational partners in Refettorio projects in Europe, the Americas and Asia.


Advertising Agency:

Alkemy, Milan, Italy

Executive Creative Directors:

Jan Mattassi, Marco Tironi

Strategy Director:

Niccolò Rigo

Lead Copywriter:

Demetrio Chirico

Senior Art Director:

Mauro Breda


Xavier Mairesse


Emanuele Zarlenga

Client Services Director:

Federica Busino

Account Director:

Edvige Crescibene

Social Media Strategist:

Andrea Biolcatti

Creative Team:

Massimo Paternoster, Giulio Frittaion, Christian Leoni, Salvatore Specchia, Yuri Alfieri, Federico Capitani

Line Producer:

Daniele Esposito


Chiara Agresta

Assistant Producer:

Filippo Giordani


Andrea Metafuni

Storyboard & End Credits:

Camillo Sancisi

Assistant Editor:

Fabrizio Ferigo


Walter Volpatto

Music Supervision, SFX, Sound Design:

Jackleg Studio


April, 2021

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