Ad of the Day | IKEA: Buy With Your Time


Media Type:

Experiential Experiential




Ikea has launched a campaign that allows customers to buy with their time.


Advertising Agency:

Memac Ogilvy, Dubai, UAE

Chief Creative Officer:

Juggi Ramakrishnan

Group Creative Director:

Youssef Gadallah

Creative Team:

Nicolás López, Fernando Montero

Client Team Leader:

Hadi Ballout

Head of Production:

Amin Soltani

Junior Producer:

Ann Vaas

Account Director:

Preeti Hothi

Account Manager:

Alaa Nour

Creative Director:

Karim Sherif

PR Team:

Saad Abu Touq, Saintana Saad

Production House:

Goldmine Films

Executive Producer:

Madhup Agarwal

Director of Photography:

Miraj Mohamed


Shaharbano Zaidi

Production Assistants:

Sara Abdullah, Armela Atun, Mahesh Pottavathini

Administration & Accounts:

Dona Vaas


February, 2020

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