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Right after launching a channels portfolio campaign, featuring some of the greatest international TV stars from FOX Portugal broadcast series as they got in touch with their Portuguese fans, FOX Portugal and its Creative Team set out a new challenge for the audience: to also get in touch, only this time with aliens! Promoting the global return of the cult series ‘The X-Files’, an outdoor&digital activation was set in motion from January 10th to 13th allowing fans who, just like agent Mulder, believe that “the truth is out there” to send laser-written messages to outer space inviting aliens to visit the country. Taking in hands an innovative technology developed by Jack The Maker, the Portuguese audience was able to send their personal laser messages in a live experience that occupied the facade of an entire building in the heart of Lisbon. The stunt was supported by a website ( where fans from all over the country could create their outputs and see them projected in laser on site, during the activation.


Media Agency:


Communication Agency:


Creative Director:

Hellington Vieira

Marketing Director:

Catarina Barradas

Creative Copywriter (FOX Creative):

Ana Castanho

Creative Copywriter (Jack the Maker):

Senhor Ricardo

Creative Producer:

Ricardo Leandro


Sasha Ostasheva, Francisco Rivas, Vanessa Alves

Production Coordinator (FOX Creative):

Dulce Alves

Production Coordinator (Jack the Maker):

Ricardo Espada

Brand Manager:

Jaime Anahory

Digital Manager:

Alexandra Hernandez


January, 2018

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