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To date, more than 450 million people worldwide have been infected with Covid-19. One of the many side effects of the disease is the change and, in the worst case, the full loss of one's sense of taste and smell. In order to help those affected reactivate their taste buds, the Hamburg-based spice manufacturer ANKERKRAUT collaborated with the non-profit British cooking school Life Kitchen, which specializes in developing unique cooking recipes for covid and cancer patients suffering from the loss of taste. The result of this exciting collaboration is "Taste Again," a limited edition of ANKERKRAUT spices based on scientific findings from Life Kitchen and the University of London. These special three blends are intended to help sufferers retrain their sense of taste in the long term and thus regain the pleasure of eating. As an additional aid, a QR code on the packaging leads directly to specially designed recipes that can be easily recreated at home.


Advertising Agency:

Jung von Matt, Germany

Creative Managing Director:

David Leinweber

Executive Creative Director:

Thim Wagner

Creative Director Art:

Mirjam Wagner

Creative Director Copy:

Elizabeth Herold

Creative Director Art:

Jorg Meyer

Client Service Director:

Simon Schroder

Project Manager:

Lisa Wilkowski

Art Directors:

Lina Borchmann, Marie Rothemund


Nina Hansen

Social Media Creative:

Janna Specht

Head of Production Design:

Matthias Grundl

Senior Motion Design:

Tilmann Fabel

Founders Ankerkraut:

Anne Lemcke, Stefan Lemcke

Area Director Brand Management:

Peter Paul Plambeck

Brand Manager:

Sandra Wons

Head of Design:

Michaela Vargas Coronado


March, 2022