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Only Burger King offers up barbecue aroma and flame-grilled burgers. This is one of the distinguishing features the brand proudly highlights in the upcoming "Best Neighbor" campaign. Once again it comes out in a good-humored tone: now BK has decided to revamp the words on some For Rent and For Sale signs hanging on buildings next door to the stores of their largest competitors. Phrases like “FOR RENT – Don’t worry: tenant below never grills”; “FOR RENT – Don’t worry: the neighbor doesn’t barbecue”, “FOR RENT – Don’t worry: The neighbor doesn’t barbecue”, and “FOR RENT – BBQ smoke-free tenant below” are part of the campaign created by DAVID São Paulo and Madrid. The signs were deployed in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where the best locations for the campaign were found. In one of the buildings, the sign "FOR SALE – Opportunity: neighbor never grills. Ever” brings the contact number (55 11 3022-3359). In this case, a caller to this number will get the following message: "When picking an apartment, no one really wants annoying smoke: that's why it's great to have a neighbor who doesn't barbecue. But when your stomach growls, a flame-grilled patty on a Burger King sandwich makes a heck of a difference. Interested in this building? Please send an email to [email protected]”. Prospect buyers are directed to the real seller.


Global CCO & Partner:

Pancho Cassis

MD, Global COO:

Sylvia Panico

Creative Directors:

Fred Bosch, Álvaro Palma, Edgard Gianesi

Associate Creative Directors:

Rogerio Chaves, Fabrício Pretto


Guilherme Pinheiro, Toàn Trần Mai

Art Director:

Rafael Ochoa


Carolina Vieira, María García, Rafael Giorgino, Juliana Chediac, Martina Adati


Patricia Urgoiti


Marcia Mendonça, Mateus Madureira, Felipe Braga


Toni Ferreira


Fabiano Beraldo, Fernanda Peixoto, Patrícia Barbosa


Victor Folha

Social Media:

Lucas Patrício

Production Company:

Cafe Royal


Hanna Vadasz

Sound Production:


Client Approval:

Ariel Grunkraut, Thais Nicolau, Filipe Botton, Fernanda Harb, Lidiane Martins, Vinícius Simon de Freitas


March, 2020

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