Burger King: Gas Prices Rise At The Pump, Whopper Prices Drop At The Drive-Thru


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This week, BURGER KING®️ France has decided to show its support for the millions of motorists impacted by the rising price of gasoline. While the price at the pump has risen to the symbolic 2€ level, the price of the WHOPPER®️ has been lowered at the Drive, to 1.99€ until March 27. The ad was published in the French weekly newspaper Le JDD and will be published in the regional press, as well as on the brand’s social media channels. An operation that will also be launched by BURGER KING®️ Belgium from Wednesday 23rd to 30th March and visible on their social media channels.


Advertising Agency:

Buzzman, Paris, France

President and Executive Creative Director:

Georges Mohammed-Chérif

Vice President:

Thomas Granger

Managing Director:

Julien Levilain

Art Director:

Vincent Tavernier


Arnaud Cherbonnier

Head of Account:

Loïc Coelho

Account Manager:

Quentin Seguret

Account Executive:

Romane Bourdier

Head of Social Media:

Julien Scaglione

Social Media Consultant:

Félix Brunot

Head of PR & Communication:

Amélie Juillet

PR & Communication Manager:

Paul Renaudineau


Burger King

Marketing Director:

Alexandre Simon

Product Marketing Officer:

Carole Rousseau

Retail Marketing Manager:

Clarence Zidouhia

Media Officer:

Erinna Beaudron


March, 2022

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