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Media Type:

Film Film








Financial Services

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Advertising Agency:

Droga5 New York, USA

Creative Chairman:

David Droga

Global Chief Creative Officer:

Neil Heymann

Co-Chief Creative Officers:

Tim Gordon, Felix Richter

Executive Creative Director:

Juliana Cobb

Associate Creative Directors:

George McQueen, Tom McQueen

Art Director:

Tobias Lindborg, Jasper Yu


Felix Karlsson, Danielle Gasbarro

Design Directors:

Chance Medder, Mark Yoon

Junior Designer:

Kenisha Rullan

Associate Design Director:

Dan Pulito

Senior Designer:

Lia Sfiligoj

Chief Creation Officer:

Sally-Ann Dale

Director of Film Production:

Jesse Brihn

Group Executive Producer, Film:

Tricia Lentini Himot

Senior Producer, Film:

Brandon Chen

Associate Producers, Film:

Andres Riveros, Kenya Agunloye

Music Supervisor:

Mike Ladman

Director of Art Production:

Cliff Lewis

Associate Director, Art Production:

Bianca Escobar

Director of Print & Fabrication:

Rob Lugo

Associate Director, Print & Fabrication:

Riely Clough

Executive Producer, Print:

Cindy Perez

Co-Directors, Interactive Production:

Tasha Cronin, Justin Durazzo

Executive Producer, Interactive:

Jenn Mann

Producer, Interactive:

Hannah Ades

Director of Business Affairs:

Dan Simonetti

Associate Director, Business Affairs:

Tom Vendittelli

Global Chief Strategy Officer:

Jonny Bauer

Group Strategy Director:

Ramon Jimenez

Strategy Director:

Emily Mulvey

Senior Strategist:

Matt Forster

Chief Media Officer:

Colleen Leddy

Communication Strategy Director:

Mike Pignone

Senior Communications Strategists:

Mark Longacre, Ashley Van Der Laan

Communications Strategist:

Molly Klein

Group Data Strategy Director:

Lily Ng

Senior Data Strategist:

Joy McKenzie

Executive Group Account Director:

Lauren LaValle

Account Directors:

Annie Sherbon, Rich Bloom

Account Manager:

Daniel Lawrence

Associate Account Manager:

Miguel Atkins

Program Manager:

Audrey Weber

Senior Project Manager:

Sarah Arrillaga


Pulse Films


Oscar Hudson


Albert Salas

President of Commercials and Branded:

Davud Karbassioun

Managing Director:

Hillary Rogers

Executive Producer:

Darren Foldes

Line Producer:

Paul Ure

Production Designer:

Rob Pearson


Elise Velasco


Cosmo Street


Paul Hardcastle, Cosmo Street/ Trim

Executive Producer:

Maura Woodward

Senior Producer:

Paolo Solarte

Assistant Editor:

Kyle Moriarty

Post Production:


Executive Producer / President James Razzall:

James Razzall

VFX Supervisors:

Steve Drew, Matt Pascuzzi

Shoot Supervision:

Michael Ralla, Steve Drew

Senior Producers:

Nick Fraser, Maura Hurley


PJ Stegall


Beau Leon

Telecine Producer:

Andrew McLintock


Steve Drew, Matt Pascuzzi, Karch Coon, Jose Arauz, Eric Sibley, Nick Tanner, Chris Sonia, Kieran Walsh, Zavier Mojica, Elaina Brillantes, Brianna Reynolds, Bruno de la Calva, Gretchen Capatan, Craig Tozzi

Matte Painting:

Ben Walant, Callum McKeveny

VFX Editor:

Jacob Sadowsky

Sound Design / Mix:

Wave Studios

Sound Designer / Mixer:

Aaron Reynolds

Executive Producer:

Vicky Ferraro

Associate Producer:

Eleni Giannopoulos

Production Company (Graphics / Interactive):

Second Child

Managing Director:

Scott Chinn

Senior Retouchers:

Mike Vorassi, Natasha Kaser, John Clendenen

Senior Retouching Producer:

Michael Mockler

Lead Production Artist:

Donald Ong

Production Artist:

Joseph Barrille

Graphics Producer:

Nereida Valles

Quality Control Specialist:

Hoyu Yiu


Joao Canziani


January, 2020

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