Government of Quebec: All against one. All against Covid-19.


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While at low risk of developing serious symptoms associated with COVID-19, teens and young adults are key vectors in the spread of the coronavirus. So, the Government of Quebec turned to Loud, Naya Ali, Sarahmée and Zach Zoya, popular Québec rap and hip hop artists, to drive home the importance of following hygiene measures like wearing a mask and practicing physical distancing. Each artist stars in one of the campaign’s four featured spots, which are nothing like typical government messages. With a less ad-like feel and a positive tone drawn from inspirational platforms often used in high performance sports, the campaign lends a touch of poetry to a very serious subject and it appeals to young people’s common sense. To ensure the authenticity of the content, the artists were given the freedom to write and interpret the message as they saw fit—by rapping, providing a voiceover or by spoken word. They took the project to heart, expressing their convictions and sending a strong message to the target population.


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Cossette, Montreal, Canada

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Cult Nation


July, 2020

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