Huggies: Baby's First Embrace


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Until 2022, the Huggies brand primarily communicated with moms through television screens, as the most trusted media channel. In 2022, the strategy was changed and brand decided to focus on digital promotion and collecting FPD (First-Party Data), which was obtained by gathering data from moms who registered to receive a coupon on a special website. Based on data from mothers who previously registered for the Couponing project, we identified interest segments for more precise targeting with relevant creatives for pregnant women in their third trimester and mothers with children up to 3 years old. To promote the Couponing project, it was important to choose platforms that specifically targeted moms. Therefore, the decision was made to use more niche platforms and non-standard solutions.



Yulia Pak

Media Director:

Tazagul Tazhiyeva

Strategy Director:

Kamola Ismoilova

Client Service Director:

Bakhtiyar Sebepov

Senior Media Planner:

Yekaterina Zhumazhanova

Senior Brand Manager:

Asiya Zhaleeva

Senior Brand Manager:

Zaur Agaev

Marketing Manager:

Alexey Goncharov


September, 2023

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