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Ask any parent, and they'll tell you parenting is a very challenging task, especially when babies are involved. No matter who you are, whether you’re a Mommy or Daddy, whether you have any experience or not. It's going be tough. So why is it, that in a country like Israel where over 42% of families are defined as "alternative" when we watch commercials, the families portrayed in them are consistently monochromatic, traditional, heterosexual families? Shouldn't our ads be a reflection of the wonderful diversity that is out there? Are the love, family life and issues a gay couple faces any less valid than that of a traditional couple? Super-Pharm and its private label brand "Life Baby" didn't think so. That's why when "Life Baby" launched their new campaign, they decided they wanted every type of family in Israel to feel included. To do so, they asked one simple question, "What's the hardest thing about being a parent?"


Chief Creative Officer:

Jonathan Lang

Creative Director:

Idan Levy

Creative Team:

Ronen Kornberg, Niv Herzberg, Oren Amiran, Amir Ariely, Raphael Biton, Ronit Rona Yakobi, Neta Reich


Ronit Doanis

VP Content & Production:

Dorit Gvili

Production Manager:

Gali Starkman

VP Client Services:

Ben Muskal

Account Supervisor:

Noa Sharf

Account Executive:

Gili Peer, Ronny Chaikin

Strategic Planning Supervisor:

Roni Arison

Creative Coordinator:

Eva Hasson


Ram Baruch

Production Company:

Shoshi & Udi Productions

Video Editor:

Dadan Uziel

Original Music:

Smulik Noifeld

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January, 2017

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