PETA: Poop in Your Chicken


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PETA and Great Guns USA have teamed up to deliver an unforgettable comedic campaign, "Poop in Your Chicken". Directed by Great Guns USA’s Justin Casselle, the punchy, pro-vegan spot is part of PETA’s new push for fast food chains and grocery stores to label chicken packages with the amount of faecal matter they contain. "Poop in Your Chicken" sees PETA’s protagonist read a news alert on her phone: "If you’re eating chicken, you’re eating poop." Disgusted, it transforms the way she sees the world until she can’t ignore the truth any longer - culminating in her knocking a plate of her famous chicken pasta out of a friend’s hand as she shouts, "Don’t eat it! There’s poop in there!"


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Great Guns


October, 2022

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