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Health, Beauty

Swedish contraception brand RFSU wants people to tune into their bodies for the sake of better sex. The new campaign was created to bring awareness to RFSU's unique pleasure product line, Sense Me: a series that, through scent, tingling, warmth, and taste, stimulates all our senses but one – hearing. Sex starts in the mind, and by exploring pleasure through all our senses, we can experience stronger feelings of satisfaction. To stimulate the last sense, RFSU and their creative agency House of Radon collaborated with acclaimed Swedish producer and DJ, Kornél Kovács to create the soundtrack “Szenzus”, a track inspired by a recent study in which Scandinavians revealed what sounds turn them on. An acoustician has also been involved in the process in identifying which BPMs stimulate desire. The result is an experimental song with the aim to turn you on. Breaths, waves, and phone notifications are among the sounds you can hear on the track. The song and sounds that inspired the music live on the campaign’s website soundsoflust.com – a hub where people are encouraged to awaken their senses to achieve better sex.


Advertising Agency:

House of Radon, Stockholm, Sweden


May, 2021

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