Samsung: Be You


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Samsung is tapping into Generation Z’s craving for authenticity in a new, international ad campaign for Samsung Galaxy A8, created by the Cheil Worldwide Network.


Global Business Lead (Cheil WW Seoul):

Euisun Chung

Snr Account Manager (Film):

Katie Gowoon Hur

Account Executive (Film):

Sewon Lillian Min

Snr Account Manager (Print):

Min Young Yoon

Global Strategy Lead (Cheil WW Seoul):

Jeremy Thomas

Chief Creative Officer (Cheil WW):

Malcolm Poynton

Print Art Director (Iris London):

Al Mills, Greg Mullen

Print Producer (Iris London):

Dawn Moretti

Film Art Director (BMB London):

Ollie Agius

Film Copywriter (BMB London):

Pete Ioulianou

Film Producer (BMB London):

Francesca Roberts

Production Company:

Academy Films


Shea Glover/ Adolescent, Novemba/ Academy Films


Stephen Dunne, Whitehouse Post

Post Production Company:

Electric Theatre Collective


Jason Wallis


January, 2018

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