SK-II: The Legend of Pitera


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Film Film






Health, Beauty

There are stories. And there are legends. For SK-II, the legend of Pitera began in an old sake brewery. A chance observation of an old Toji’s miraculously youthful-looking hands with a stark contrast to his wrinkled face unlocked the secret to the Power of Pitera. Join Imma, Japan’s first virtual human, unleash the power of Pitera with Ayase Haruka, Dou Jing Tong, and Behati Prinsloo through an exciting mix of manga, music and mixed reality.PITERA™ is the secret behind the entire SK-II skincare line. Rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids, PITERA™ improves uneven skin tone minimizes dark spots, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and boosts radiance with a combination of more than 50 micro-nutrients.


Concept Creator:

Neel Majumder

executive creative director:

Neel Majumder


Behati Prinsloo, Imma [ Virtual Model ], Ayase Haruka, Dou Jing Tong


Modeling Cafe


October, 2019

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