Visit Lex: Hey Aliens, Look at Lexington


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Transport, Tourism

Recent UFO revelations and advances in deep space imaging have fueled the belief that we are not alone in the universe. Seizing the moment, VisitLEX, the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau, created an advertising campaign with Cornett that goes beyond the usual travel markets. Way beyond.


Advertising Agency:

Cornett, Lexington, USA

Executive Creative Director:

Whit Hiler

Creative Director:

Jonathon Spalding

SVP, Director of Brand Strategy:

David Walker

Director of Social Strategy:

Robert Baker

Associate Creative Director:

Randy Steward

Senior Copywriter:

Coleman Larkin

Content Creation Manager:

Eric Waters

Jr. Graphic Designer:

Matt Goddard

Web Designer:

Pierina Galvez

Digital Producer:

Daniel Boone

Content Creation Associate:

Tyriq Duckwyler

Content Strategy Manager:

Caitlin Leiby

Sr. Graphic Designer:

Laura Merchant

Sr. Account Executive:

Caitlin Shile

Account Planner:

Natalie Wilks

Account Coordinator:

Lauren McDowell


January, 2024

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