Ad of the Day | Telenor: The world has changed. Have you? 10.0 Backroad: The 10k Merch Store 10.0 Sioo:x: The Slow Fight 10.0 Pause: The Pause Ticket 9.0 Pause: Listen To Whatever You Want 9.5 Apoteket: Allergy 9.5 Ad of the Day | Polestar: The Break Up 9.9 Husqvarna: Timber 9.7 Non-Violence Sweden: The Non-Violence Torrent 7.4 Ad of the Day | Visit Sweden: The Edible Country 9.0 Ad of the Day | Volkswagen: Night Vision 9.9 Klarna: 7 Meter Bed? Pay Later. 0.0 Klarna: Gold Peanut Butter? Pay Later! 0.0 Ad of the Day | Klarna: The Coronation of Smoooth Dogg 9.0 Göteborg Film Festival: The World's Most Claustrophobic Cinema 10.0 Tellus Bandy: Sustainable Merch 9.0 Bowers & Wilkins: Sound SPA 9.7 Ad of the Day | Elkjøp: The Little Drone 8.4 Ad of the Day | Libresse: Viva La Vulva 9.7 IKEA: The Little Magician 9.3 Ad of the Day | Non-Violence: The knotted gun billboard 7.5 Volvo Excavators: Pump It Up 10.0 Telenor: Make Passcodes Great Again 10.0 Max Burger: Every Second 0.0 Ad of the Day | AMF: The Smile 9.7 Länsförsäkringar: Screenfree 10.0 Sioo:x: The World's Most Boring Billboard 9.0 Credable: The Dog 0.0 Credable: Lie Detector 0.0 Ad of the Day | The Hunger Project: Hungry for Hunger 9.8 Ad of the Day | Telenor: Telenor Family 10.0 Nokia: In Real Life 9.8 IKEA: Salvator Mundi 9.5 Uber: Boxes 10.0 Tellus Bandy: Stark of Westeros 8.0 Björn Borg: Tennis Across Borders 9.0 Volvo: Moments Feat. Barbara Davidson 9.7 Adobe: Hidden Treasures of Creativity 8.7 SK-II: The Expiry Date 9.0 Semcon: The Internet of S**t Song 8.0 Scania: Where Emotion Meets Logic 9.0 Volvo: Moments 9.3

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Aug. 20, 2019

Ad of the Day | Swedish Telco Telenor takes a stand for screen-time

The campaign responds to the ongoing debate surrounding the negative impact of screens

Aug. 20, 2019

adidas, Hypebeast and Fin Design + Effects Unveil Futuristic New OZWEEGO Campaign

C-pop idol Jackson Yee, influencer Lala Takahashi, and rapper-producer Dough-Boy star in slick new film