Skelleftea Kraft: The Carbon Negative Radio Ad 9.0 RFSU: Dream deal 10.0 Folktandvarden: A Good Purpose 10.0 Lansforsakringar: Laika 13, Raised by Social Media 9.0 Lindex: I am Still Here 10.0 RFSU: For the Freedom of Every Body 10.0 SL: Ride With Us Instead 10.0 Ad of the Day | IKEA: Believer 9.5 Stockholms Stadsmission: The Phone 10.0 RFSU: The Sexth Sense 9.0 ATG: Is This What Excitement Feels Like? 10.0 Kuling: The Mud Runway 10.0 Lenovo: The New Nudes, Finland 0.0 Lenovo: The New Nudes, Denmark 0.0 Lenovo: The New Nudes, Sweden 0.0 Lindex: The Art of Comfort 10.0 SL: Simply Clever 9.0 Tre: I Switched to Tre 9.0 Elite Hotels of Sweden: Sounds of Elite Hotels 9.4 Tre: Say You, Say Tre 9.0 Lindex: Your Invisible Support 10.0 Goteborg Film Festival: The Hypnotic Cinema 9.6 Nassjo IF: The Heart Child Jersey 9.5 Livsmedelsforetagen: Eat A Swede 9.0 Aftonbladet: Close to the Stars (Elli Pikkujamsa) 7.0 Aftonbladet: Close to the Stars (Daniela Zamora) 7.0 Ad of the Day | TIER: Beat Traffic For Good 9.8 Ad of the Day | Unga Lukas: Orc Therapy 9.8 RFSU: Sounds of Lust 9.3 SSF: Bad Passwords, 5 10.0 SSF: Bad Passwords, 4 10.0 SSF: Bad Passwords, 3 10.0 SSF: Bad Passwords, 2 10.0 SSF: Bad Passwords, 1 10.0 Lenovo: Metal Review 9.0 Lenovo: Metal Review 9.0 Goteborg Film Festival: The Isolated Cinema 10.0 Lansforsakringar: United Directors 9.0 Activision: Moment of Truth (Martin Mutumba) 10.0 Activision: Moment of Truth (Greekazo) 9.0 Activision: Moment of Truth (Alicia Lauterbach) 10.0 Activision: Moment of Truth (Anis Don Demina) 8.0

Latest News

Feb. 21, 2024

American Express Builds on Business Card Campaign with new "Business versus Pleasure" ads

American Express has launched a fun new campaign for its Business Cards in the UK

Feb. 21, 2024

New "Digital 2024 United Kingdom" Report Shows Growth in Social Media, and More than 49 Hours a Month Spent on TikTok

People in the UK spend more time on TikTok than any other country in the world