Copenhell 2019: Celebrating Ten Years In Hell 10.0 Alkohol & Samfund: Daddy's Boy 7.0 Bianco: The Lift 9.8 Carletti: Mousetrap 0.0 Carletti: Push Up 0.0 Carletti: Big Toe 0.0 Carletti: Dry Artistic Swimming 0.0 SAS: The Arrivals 9.5 Interflora: Melting Hearts 10.0 Fotex: Rollo the Reindeer 10.0 IKEA: Lack Friday 9.7 Ad of the Day | Volkswagen: Generations 9.8 Volkswagen: Transporter Vs. bodybuilders 0.0 Volkswagen: Transporter Vs. Riverdance 0.0 Volkswagen: Transporter Vs. Basketball 0.0 Volkswagen: Transporter Vs. Telekinesis 0.0 Volkswagen: Transporter vs. Gymnaster 0.0 Amnesty International: Bus Tank 8.0 Ford: Car sensitive 9.0 Interflora: Give love a helping hand 10.0 Interflora: The Great Mother Experiment 9.8 Socialdemokratiet: Testing trust 0.0 Interflora: It’s complicated 10.0 The Danish Association of Midwives: The midwife crisis 0.0 TV 2 News: All That We Share 0.0 Amnesty International: Fireworks From Aleppo 10.0 BØRNEfonden: How old is old enough? 9.5 Unicef: Reach out to a child in need, 3 9.0 Unicef: Reach out to a child in need, 2 9.0 Unicef: Reach out to a child in need, 1 10.0 IKEA / HAY: collaboration 3.0 SuperBrugsen: Baby scanner 9.5 Keno: The million interrogation 10.0 Cheapflights Chat 10.0 Momondo: The DNA journey 5.0 OutOfHoMedia: Ad block this 10.0 Aids Fondet: Orgy 0.0 Aids Fondet: Doggy style 0.0 Aids Fondet: From behind 0.0 Stryhn's: Food for men 0.0 Botaniq Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant: Eggplant 0.0 Botaniq Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant: Carrot 0.0

Latest News

Apr. 18, 2019

Magnet Harlequin Group relaunches as BRANDED, a new full-service agency group

The rebrand comes after a two-year process.

Apr. 17, 2019

ICHV & FCB Take Aim at Gun Violence to Shine a Light on the Safe Act

FCB Chicago has been partnering with ICHV for the past four years