Momondo: The World Piece 10.0 The Danish Cancer Society: Help a Small Dane 10.0 Grimbergen: Legacy 10.0 European Parliament: Choose Your Future 9.7 Copenhell 2019: Celebrating Ten Years In Hell 10.0 Alkohol & Samfund: Daddy's Boy 7.0 Bianco: The Lift 9.8 Carletti: Mousetrap 0.0 Carletti: Push Up 0.0 Carletti: Big Toe 0.0 Carletti: Dry Artistic Swimming 0.0 SAS: The Arrivals 9.5 Interflora: Melting Hearts 10.0 Fotex: Rollo the Reindeer 10.0 IKEA: Lack Friday 9.7 Ad of the Day | Volkswagen: Generations 9.8 Volkswagen: Transporter Vs. bodybuilders 0.0 Volkswagen: Transporter Vs. Riverdance 0.0 Volkswagen: Transporter Vs. Basketball 0.0 Volkswagen: Transporter Vs. Telekinesis 0.0 Volkswagen: Transporter vs. Gymnaster 0.0 Amnesty International: Bus Tank 8.0 Ford: Car sensitive 9.0 Interflora: Give love a helping hand 10.0 Interflora: The Great Mother Experiment 9.8 Socialdemokratiet: Testing trust 0.0 Interflora: It’s complicated 10.0 The Danish Association of Midwives: The midwife crisis 0.0 TV 2 News: All That We Share 0.0 Amnesty International: Fireworks From Aleppo 10.0 BØRNEfonden: How old is old enough? 9.5 Unicef: Reach out to a child in need, 3 9.0 Unicef: Reach out to a child in need, 2 9.0 Unicef: Reach out to a child in need, 1 10.0 IKEA / HAY: collaboration 3.0 SuperBrugsen: Baby scanner 9.5 Keno: The million interrogation 10.0 Cheapflights Chat 10.0 Momondo: The DNA journey 5.0 OutOfHoMedia: Ad block this 10.0 Aids Fondet: Orgy 0.0 Aids Fondet: Doggy style 0.0

Latest News

Aug. 13, 2019

Velosophy gear up together with Nespresso to produce thousand bikes made of coffee pods

The bike, RE:CYCLE, is a joint venture between Vélosophy and Nespresso

Aug. 13, 2019

We Are Social appoints Lore Oxford to the newly created role of Global Head of Culture and Insights

In the newly created role, Lore will be responsible for diversifying the agency’s research & insight function