Jameson: The Bartenders' Gathering 0.0 Allianz: We Cover Courage (Ellen Keane) 10.0 Allianz: We Cover Courage 9.0 Teeling Whiskey: Dublin Reborn 7.0 Homestore and More: Home (Dad) 9.0 Homestore and More: Home (Daughter) 9.0 Dairygold: One Magical Minute 9.0 Discover Ireland: Fill your heart with Ireland 0.0 SuperValu: Consider Christmas 8.0 Ad of the Day | Marie Keating: Take Notice 9.8 Concern Worldwide: One Step At A Time 10.0 Ad of the Day | AIB: Belief is Everywhere 8.5 Jameson: The Case of the Most Unusual Case 0.0 Jameson: Scully Was To Blame 8.0 Rothco: The Gender Page Gap 9.0 Dublin Zoo: Birth, Deaths & Notices 9.0 Failte Ireland: Otherwordly 0.0 Marie Keating Foundation: Listen To Your Lungs 0.0 Samsung: A Song for the City 9.5 AIB: Jeff and Kammy's Journey to Croker 9.0 Tesco: Family Makes Us Better 9.4 Snickers: Play Like Pele 0.0 Nissan Micra: No More Nice Car 9.0 Health Service Executive: Survive 9.5 Irish Cancer Society: Get cancer 9.5 Vhi: Sinead & Ken’s story 9.0 Ryanair: #XmasEscape 10.0 Tesco: Here’s to the Hosts 9.0 McDonald's: Unbelievably huge 0.0 Dairygold: Make a minute 7.0 Irish Defence Forces: Join our team 0.0 Digicel: Bring the beat 10.0 Guinness: Bloomsday 0.0 Heineken: The Search - Karl LaMorte 0.0 Heineken: The Search - Chase Lovage 0.0 Nissan: The colour in ad 10.0 Guinness: Trumpeter 0.0 Guinness: Drummer 0.0 Heineken: It's your call 0.0 Northern Irish Public Health Agency: Ghosts 0.0 Clayton Hotels: No fairy tale, 2 0.0 Clayton Hotels: No fairy tale, 1 0.0

Latest News

Apr. 18, 2019

Magnet Harlequin Group relaunches as BRANDED, a new full-service agency group

The rebrand comes after a two-year process.

Apr. 17, 2019

ICHV & FCB Take Aim at Gun Violence to Shine a Light on the Safe Act

FCB Chicago has been partnering with ICHV for the past four years