Arkia: The Price of Marriage 50 years 0.0 Arkia: The Price of Marriage 1 year 5.5 Splendid Chocolate: Valentine is Gross 9.0 Burger King: Valentine's Adult Meal 9.7 Domino's Pizza: Plan two moves ahead 9.0 Volvo: Pedestrian protection 0.0 Life Baby: Love comes in all shapes and forms 9.0 Must Gum: Only a Best Friend Will Say It To Your Face 9.7 Meitav Dash: In Case Your Kid's Band Doesn't Work Out 9.0 Isracard: Never Forget Your Pin Code Again 6.0 Bekol: You May Need a Hearing Test 8.0 Meuhedet Health Fund: The Longer You Wait 9.0 Life: Brangelina 9.0 Mazda: Kennedy 9.0 RB-DOORS: The finger 10.0 Life: Come Quick 9.0 Or Yarok: Live kill 9.0 Ford Edge: Tree Ruler 0.0 Ford Edge: Fire Hydrant Ruler 9.0 Ford Edge: Electric Pole Ruler 0.0 Ford: Vertically Blind 8.0 Mazda Israel: Prepare to be Amazed 9.0 Elite's Cow Chocolate: Let's make life here sweeter 8.0 Super-Pharm Life Sun: The Live Drone Beach Report 6.0 Super-Pharm: Toiletico Fantastico 3.3 Mazda: Cars Not Included 6.0 Mazda: Batteries Not Included 5.8 Splendid Chocolate: When you grow up you'll get it 0.0 Honda: Pregnancy pass 0.0 Super-Pharm: Beauty Academy 0.0 Ford Kuga: The Taste Drive 10.0 SodaStream: Thor 0.0 Oreo: Challenge 7.0 Parents Circle Families Forum: Taking Steps 0.0 Schweppes: John 0.0 Ford: Your feet have got more potential than you think 0.0 Must Gum: The stinkiest print ad ever 0.0 Elite Turkish Coffee: Saving The Proposal 0.0 Hertz: London 0.0 Coca-Cola: Wish in a bottle 0.0 EL AL: El Al's Neverending Table 0.0 American Express: It's Gonna Get Dirty, 5 0.0

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Jun. 25, 2024

afterhrs. Launches Photography Division; Welcomes Annie Henley as its New Executive Integrated Producer

afterhrs. is excited to announce its photography division that will showcase Emerging, Established and Extraordinary artists

Jun. 25, 2024

Lost Planet and Parallax Announce Partnership

Lost Planet and PARALLAX are thrilled to announce a partnership, expanding their collective rosters of award-winning editorial talent