Arkia: The Price of Marriage 50 years 0.0 Arkia: The Price of Marriage 1 year 5.5 Splendid Chocolate: Valentine is Gross 9.0 Burger King: Valentine's Adult Meal 9.7 Domino's Pizza: Plan two moves ahead 9.0 Volvo: Pedestrian protection 0.0 Life Baby: Love comes in all shapes and forms 9.0 Must Gum: Only a Best Friend Will Say It To Your Face 9.7 Meitav Dash: In Case Your Kid's Band Doesn't Work Out 9.0 Isracard: Never Forget Your Pin Code Again 6.0 Bekol: You May Need a Hearing Test 8.0 Meuhedet Health Fund: The Longer You Wait 9.0 Life: Brangelina 9.0 Mazda: Kennedy 9.0 RB-DOORS: The finger 10.0 Life: Come Quick 9.0 Or Yarok: Live kill 9.0 Ford Edge: Tree Ruler 0.0 Ford Edge: Fire Hydrant Ruler 9.0 Ford Edge: Electric Pole Ruler 0.0 Ford: Vertically Blind 8.0 Mazda Israel: Prepare to be Amazed 9.0 Elite's Cow Chocolate: Let's make life here sweeter 8.0 Super-Pharm Life Sun: The Live Drone Beach Report 6.0 Super-Pharm: Toiletico Fantastico 3.3 Mazda: Cars Not Included 6.0 Mazda: Batteries Not Included 5.8 Splendid Chocolate: When you grow up you'll get it 0.0 Honda: Pregnancy pass 0.0 Super-Pharm: Beauty Academy 0.0 Ford Kuga: The Taste Drive 10.0 SodaStream: Thor 0.0 Oreo: Challenge 7.0 Parents Circle Families Forum: Taking Steps 0.0 Schweppes: John 0.0 Ford: Your feet have got more potential than you think 0.0 Must Gum: The stinkiest print ad ever 0.0 Elite Turkish Coffee: Saving The Proposal 0.0 Hertz: London 0.0 Coca-Cola: Wish in a bottle 0.0 EL AL: El Al's Neverending Table 0.0 American Express: It's Gonna Get Dirty, 5 0.0

Latest News

Feb. 21, 2024

American Express Builds on Business Card Campaign with new "Business versus Pleasure" ads

American Express has launched a fun new campaign for its Business Cards in the UK

Feb. 21, 2024

New "Digital 2024 United Kingdom" Report Shows Growth in Social Media, and More than 49 Hours a Month Spent on TikTok

People in the UK spend more time on TikTok than any other country in the world