eBay: Director's Cat 9.5 EMERGENCY NGO: A Day of Peace 10.0 Plasmon: Adam 2050 10.0 EMERGENCY NGO: We Can Make Peace Come True 8.8 Ad of the Day | La Marca Prosecco: Optimism is a Mindset 10.0 Ferrero Estathé: Feeling Good Starts With Pleasure 0.0 Fonzies: Fonzies for Canada 10.0 Fini Group: The Real Emilian Pasta 10.0 Ebay: World of Passions 10.0 Doctolib: FeelingGood 9.5 Grana Padano: An Italian Emotion 9.0 My Milk: Wellness in a Word 0.0 Sammontana: Gruvi Caind of Lov 0.0 Maserati: Beyond the Sky 0.0 Netflix: Stranger Duomo 9.3 Costa: Eliovision, German Techno 10.0 Costa: Eliovision, Brit Pop 0.0 Costa: Eliovision, French Rap 0.0 E.ON: Giant Footprint 0.0 Fiat: The Driver 0.0 Terre des Hommes: The DiscovHery Billboards 0.0 Prime Video: Laura Pausini, Pleased to meet you 9.3 Bulgari: Le Gemme 9.0 eBay: Parts & Furious 9.0 Ente Nazionale Sordi: The Sign Dance 9.0 La Famiglia Rana: Italy's Best Kept Secret 9.0 Ad of the Day | CoorDown: Just The Two Of Us 9.0 Netflix: The Invisible Thread, Pop Up Store 9.0 Ford: The W Track 9.0 eBay: Inspired By An eBay Story 8.0 Trainline: The Trainline Effect, Parent 8.0 Trainline: The Trainline Effect, Date 8.0 Costa: Leo 10.0 Heineken: Cheers With No Alcohol. Now You Can 9.0 Scalapay: Take Your Time To Enjoy Take Your Time To Pay 10.0 Ad of the Day | Gorillas: Spot The Biker 10.0 Heineken: Finally Together 9.0 Heineken: We'll Meet Again 9.5 Barilla: A Sign of Love 9.3 Ad of the Day | Barilla: CareBonara 9.7 Lamborghini: Connect 10.0 Mulino Bianco: A World With More Nature is a Happier World 7.7

Latest News

Mar. 21, 2023

Havas Unveils Havas Play, a new Global Network that will Earn Consumers' Attention

Worldwide launch of Havas Play consolidates the network’s expertise in music, sports, gaming, and other areas of fan activation

Mar. 21, 2023

See it. Say it. Ignore it. Quiet Storm Highlights the Women’s Equality Party Campaign Against Misogyny in the Police

The campaign satirises the famous "See it. Say it. Sorted" campaign