Ferrero Estathé: Feeling Good Starts With Pleasure 0.0 Fonzies: Fonzies for Canada 10.0 Fini Group: The Real Emilian Pasta 10.0 Ebay: World of Passions 10.0 Doctolib: FeelingGood 9.0 Grana Padano: An Italian Emotion 9.0 My Milk: Wellness in a Word 0.0 Sammontana: Gruvi Caind of Lov 0.0 Maserati: Beyond the Sky 0.0 Netflix: Stranger Duomo 9.3 Costa: Eliovision, German Techno 10.0 Costa: Eliovision, Brit Pop 0.0 Costa: Eliovision, French Rap 0.0 E.ON: Giant Footprint 0.0 Fiat: The Driver 0.0 Terre des Hommes: The DiscovHery Billboards 0.0 Prime Video: Laura Pausini, Pleased to meet you 9.3 Bulgari: Le Gemme 9.0 eBay: Parts & Furious 9.0 Ente Nazionale Sordi: The Sign Dance 9.0 La Famiglia Rana: Italy's Best Kept Secret 9.0 Ad of the Day | CoorDown: Just The Two Of Us 9.0 Netflix: The Invisible Thread, Pop Up Store 9.0 Ford: The W Track 9.0 eBay: Inspired By An eBay Story 8.0 Trainline: The Trainline Effect, Parent 8.0 Trainline: The Trainline Effect, Date 8.0 Costa: Leo 10.0 Heineken: Cheers With No Alcohol. Now You Can 9.0 Scalapay: Take Your Time To Enjoy Take Your Time To Pay 10.0 Ad of the Day | Gorillas: Spot The Biker 10.0 Heineken: Finally Together 9.0 Heineken: We'll Meet Again 9.5 Barilla: A Sign of Love 9.3 Ad of the Day | Barilla: CareBonara 9.7 Lamborghini: Connect 10.0 Mulino Bianco: A World With More Nature is a Happier World 7.7 Diesel: DieselxDiesel 8.0 Ad of the Day | CoorDown: The Hiring Chain 9.6 Kimbo: A Cup of Naples 9.0 Scottex: Father and Daughter 9.0 Heineken: Shutter Ads 9.0

Latest News

Dec. 07, 2022

KIA Brings Movement to a World where Technology is Keeping us Still

Kia Motors is launching a pan-European campaign depicting a world where technology is keeping us stuck in one place

Dec. 07, 2022

Someplace Nice Welcomes Director Scott Pickett

Scott’s work has garnered international acclaim, winning awards including a Gold Clio and a Bronze Cannes Lion