Teta & Teta: If You don't Cry You don't Get (Case Study) 7.5 Teta & Teta: If You don't Cry You don't Get 7.5 EMERGENCY NGO: We Can Make Peace Come True 8.8 Woodland Trust: Plant More Trees 9.0 YMCA of Greater New York: Y NYC Loves It 7.5 ELEPAP: Cool Kids 10.0 Amnesty International: Write for Rights 8.0 Stockholms Stadsmission: The Phone 10.0 Amnesty International: Write for Rights, 3 10.0 Amnesty International: Write for Rights, 2 0.0 Amnesty International: Write for Rights, 1 9.0 Brave x National Energy Action: Baby it's Cold Inside 8.7 Access Israel: Would You Pretend to be Disabled? 0.0 Ad of the Day | The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation: Two Little Brats for Life 10.0 Tony Stacey Centre: Light the Way 9.5 Avon Institute: Speak up, Angela 9.0 MALI: Refs for Change 10.0 RSF: Information Warfare 10.0 DetecTogether: Mole 10.0 DetecTogether: Exhausted 0.0 DetecTogether: Cough 0.0 America SCORES: Poet Athlete 10.0 COGAM: #LoveWinsQatar 10.0 Marine Toys for Tots Foundation: Anyone Can Be Santa 10.0 Copenhagen Pride: Proud Pitch 9.0 No2violence: Violence Against Women 9.0 Woman Life Freedom: The Water Lily 10.0 The Migraine Trust: Relink 10.0 NAAMAT: Historically Speaking 10.0 Women's Aid: He's Coming Home 10.0 St. Vincent de Paul: Essentielle Boutique 9.0 CALM: The Invisible Opponent, Let's Tackle It Together 10.0 UNICEF: Just A Little 10.0 Cercil: Models that Will be Seen 10.0 FareShare: Sweet Carol Rhymes 10.0 True Patriot Love Foundation: Remastered Memories 5.0 LALCEC & Unidos por el Cáncer: The Postponed Day 9.0 The Miami Foundation: Jersey for Miami 10.0 Red Cross: Trajectory 10.0 WIZO: President 0.0 WIZO: Doctor 9.0 WIZO: Ceo 9.0

Latest News

Feb. 03, 2023

First Direct Skunk Brings a Whiff of Hope to Brits in Bold Campaign

Wunderman Thompson UK’s provocative new brand platform for first direct launches this week, calling out the stinky truth about being skint

Feb. 03, 2023

Nike Launches 3D Sci-Fi Footwear Campaign From Ballistic's Tibz & Ferratche

Ballistic - Great Guns' new creative community - makes its first steps into the digital space with the futuristic film