Technological University of Peru: Waves of change 0.0 Ad of the Day | Indiana University: Bring on Tomorrow 10.0 University of Alcala: The Poem that Would Never have Existed 9.0 University Zumbi dos Palmares: Receipts to keep Fighting 10.0 UMass Global: Meet You Where You Are In Life, Train 10.0 UMass Global: Meet You Where You Are In Life, Kitchen 9.0 The Open University: The Future Is Open 8.0 Hooked On Phonics: When You're Hooked On Phonics 9.0 Saint John's School: Learn English By Playing, 3 8.0 Saint John's School: Learn English By Playing, 2 7.5 Saint John's School: Learn English By Playing, 1 9.0 Evrit: #CallForHelp 7.0 Universite de Montreal: An Icon for the World 8.0 Wondrium: Bird 8.0 Ad of the Day | Wondrium: iWonder 7.0 Juni Learning: Real World 9.0 Aguas de la Canada: Surreal Look 10.0 Troy University: Lead Change 9.0 UNICEF: Education 10.0 Jacksonville Arts & Music School: Hope Is 9.3 Busuu Language Learning 0.0 TED: International Women's Day 9.5 Vittoria: Flags, 10 9.0 Vittoria: Flags, 9 9.0 Vittoria: Flags, 8 9.0 Vittoria: Flags, 7 9.0 Vittoria: Flags, 6 9.0 Vittoria: Flags, 5 9.0 Vittoria: Flags, 4 9.0 Vittoria: Flags, 3 9.0 Vittoria: Flags, 2 9.0 Vittoria: Flags, 1 9.0 ETH Zurich Foundation: Bicycle Courier 9.0 ETH Zurich Foundation: Pizza Delivery Man 10.0 ETH Zurich Foundation: Waiter 9.5 Berlitz: Happy Hour 10.0 Berlitz: Filings 10.0 Berlitz: Presentation 9.0 Department for Education: Every Lesson Shapes a Life 9.5 Babbel: Wise Guy 8.5 Babbel: Spanish Passion 9.0 Acadomia: Cambridge English (Shark) 9.0

Latest News

May. 23, 2024

Drive Like a Woman, Your Life May Depend on It

New campaign by Media.Monks Paris for the association Victimes & Citoyens highlights surprising stat about male drivers

May. 23, 2024

Audi Gets More than 20,000 People to Open its Owner's Manual for World Book Day

Thousands of users have read the "Handbook Novels": a collection of fictional stories written using keywords from the Audi Owner's Manual