Corona Beer: Coronaless 10.0 Ceres: Our Street 10.0 1800 Tequila x Melo: Taste is Everything 0.0 1800 Tequila x Ozuna: Taste is Everything 10.0 Archer Roose: Elizabeth Banks Book Club 0.0 Budweiser: Bud Ground Cooler 0.0 Arequipeña: Bottle Tiles 8.0 Cristal: This Passion Knows no Gender 0.0 Corona Beer: Living Billboard 0.0 Jameson: Water is Always a Good Shout 10.0 Jameson: Sip a Little Slower 9.0 Jameson: Bar the Excuses 10.0 Jameson: Make it a Single 10.0 JuneShine: Please Earth Responsibly 9.0 JuneShine: Trees 10.0 Seagram's 7: It's Your Spot 10.0 Asahi: Super Dry 9.5 Patron Tequilla: Our Hands 9.0 Patron Tequilla: Our Hands, Making of 9.0 Ad of the Day | La Marca Prosecco: Optimism is a Mindset 10.0 Belgo: Taste the Difference 10.0 Michelob Ultra: The Race to Equality 0.0 Carlsberg: Say Hello to "Carlsberg" 10.0 Glenmorangie: It’s Kind of Delicious and Wonderful 9.0 Guiness: Brothers 9.0 Ad of the Day | Greene King Brewery: Centuries in the Making 7.4 Archer Roose: Into the Metaverse 9.0 Bombay Sapphire: Saw This, Made This 9.0 Ad of the Day | Hennessy V.S.O.P։ Enter the Show 0.0 Carling: We’re Made by Our Mates 0.0 Greene King Brewery: Shake it Off 9.5 Greene King Brewery: Inner Circle 8.5 Greene King Brewery: Hold Me 8.5 Ad of the Day | Carlsberg x LFC: Forever Fans 8.5 Karhu: Karhu Lickalyzer 2.4 Horintos: Visions of Agave 9.0 Old Mout Cide / WWF: Protecting Habitats Together 9.0 Faire La Fete: Tres Joy 9.0 Madri Excepcional: Door Roja 0.0 Ad of the Day | Guinness: Lovely Day for a Guinness 9.0 Copenhell x Tuborg 10.0 Cusquena: The Impossible Hug 0.0

Latest News

Jun. 09, 2023

Magnum Partnered with JVKE Featuring THE SUN to Promote Pleasure is Always on Campaign

The inter-agency team brought together one of TikTok’s biggest stars, JVKE, with the largest star in the solar system

Jun. 09, 2023

Nickelytics, Cartken, and Duradry Partner on Innovative Ad Solutions

This collaboration will leverage Nickelytics' Innovative Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising platform with Cartken's autonomous delivery robots