Ballygowan: Wild Like no Other 9.0 Lucozade: Statue 9.0 Coca-Cola: Christmas Always Finds Its Way 9.0 Beaver Beverage Company: Beaver 8.0 Ferrero Estathé: Feeling Good Starts With Pleasure 0.0 Cameron’s Coffee: Never Bitter 8.5 Fanta: Moon Vending Machine 10.0 Chas Leao: A Tea for..., 3 10.0 Chas Leao: A Tea for..., 2 10.0 Chas Leao: A Tea for..., 1 10.0 Costa Coffee: Small Mistakes 9.0 Yerba Armino: From Uruguay to the Space 9.0 Jamba Juice: Just Gotta Jamba 10.0 Sprite: Same Sprite 0.0 Manantial: Jorge Luis Borges 0.0 Manantial: Philip Larkin 0.0 Manantial: Henry Van Dyke 0.0 Nescafe: Without Nescafe 9.0 Frooti: Frooti Together 9.0 7UP: Karaoke 9.7 7UP: Laughter 9.7 MAD TASTY: Tasty Fruit 8.0 Ad of the Day | Yakult: Keep The Rhythm Going 9.0 Ad of the Day | ColaCao: Repeat After Me 9.5 Ad of the Day | Coca-Cola: Year Of The Tiger 6.5 Ad of the Day | Tropicana: Just Another Day 9.0 Heineken: Cheers With No Alcohol. Now You Can 9.0 Dairy Farmers of Quebec: Holidays Taste Better Together (Grandma) 8.3 Dairy Farmers of Quebec: Holidays Taste Better Together (Generation) 8.3 Dairy Farmers of Quebec: Holidays Taste Better Together (Santa) 8.4 Teayan: Can't Wait For You 10.0 FIJI Water: It's Not Just Water (Behind the Scenes with Hans Zimmer) 9.0 FIJI Water: Aquifer 9.0 FIJI Water: Clouds 9.0 Mountain Dew: Train 9.0 SodaStream: Rainbow Story (Laverne Cox) 8.3 Ad of the Day | Pepsi: The Mess We Miss 9.5 UP&GO Drinks 0.0 Vimto: Find Your Different (Now Wth Vitamins C&D) 9.5 Vimto: Find Your Different 9.5 Dr Pepper / Oscars: Mocktail 8.3 Dr Pepper / Oscars: Main Course 7.7

Latest News

Mar. 21, 2023

Havas Unveils Havas Play, a new Global Network that will Earn Consumers' Attention

Worldwide launch of Havas Play consolidates the network’s expertise in music, sports, gaming, and other areas of fan activation

Mar. 21, 2023

See it. Say it. Ignore it. Quiet Storm Highlights the Women’s Equality Party Campaign Against Misogyny in the Police

The campaign satirises the famous "See it. Say it. Sorted" campaign