Costa: Eliovision, German Techno 10.0 Costa: Eliovision, Brit Pop 0.0 Costa: Eliovision, French Rap 0.0 Ad of the Day | Air France: Taking Elegance To New Heights 9.7 Ad of the Day | Visit Morocco: Kingdom Of Light 9.7 Boating Guide: Depth of Field, Andy Mann 9.5 Boating Guide: Captain Jana, Cindy & Jana 10.0 Boating Guide: Hooked, Kristian Rousseve 9.5 Ad of the Day | Boating Guide: See You Out Here 9.5 Visit LEX: The World's First Plant-Friendly Hotel 7.0 OUIGO: Snow Cam Takeover 9.0 THE OUT: Oliver Hooson 8.0 THE OUT: Catarina 8.0 THE OUT: Flock 8.0 Elite Hotels of Sweden: Sounds of Elite Hotels 9.4 Govia Thameslink Railway: St Pancras To St Lucia 9.0 Costa: Leo 10.0 Ad of the Day | Seabourn: This Is Your Moment 10.0 On The Beach: Fast Track 8.0 On The Beach: Airport Lounge 0.0 On The Beach: The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year 8.0 Visit LEX: Non Fungible Thoroughbreds 8.0 Incheon Airport: Nature 8.5 Ad of the Day | Air Canada: Tis The Season To Believe 9.3 Flybondi: Jacket-On 8.5 Destination Ontario: Discover Together, Alica 0.0 Destination Ontario: Discover Together, Roberta 9.0 Volvo: #ZeroOmissions 0.0 BVG: Completely contactless 9.0 Thalys: Sandale 8.0 Thalys: Pyjama 8.0 Thalys: Paris 8.0 Thalys: Mayo 9.0 Thalys: Gouda 8.0 VIA Rail Canada: Book Your Comeback 7.0 Govia Thameslink Railway: It's Go Time 8.0 Region of Valencia: Whoever Has Lived it Knows Well 8.7 Visit London: Let's Do London 9.0 Ad of the Day | Ouigo: Memories 9.4 Ad of the Day | Switzerland Tourism: No Drama 9.5 Visit LEX: Post(Vaccine)Cards 9.0 Visit LEX: Post(Vaccine)Cards, 1 9.0

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May. 27, 2022

String and Tins Unveil Latest Instalment Of Innovative "Stills 02" Project

The project asks composers to create a piece of music in response to a self-selected work of art