Smart Energy GB: I Want 9.0 Nivea: Cricket 9.0 Nivea: Bicycle 9.0 Foster's: Brother-In-Law 9.0 Halifax: That New Home Feeling 9.5 Allianz: We Cover Courage (Ellen Keane) 10.0 Habito: Hell or Habito (Tentacles) 0.0 Habito: Hell or Habito (Piranhas) 0.0 BBC Ideas: Plato on Referendums 0.0 BBC Ideas: Sappho on Sexuality 0.0 BBC Ideas: Simone de Beauvoir on MeToo 0.0 BBC Ideas: Sigmund Freud on the Selfie 0.0 Archer: Danger Zone 0.0 Allianz: We Cover Courage 9.0 Ad of the Day | Home Office: Fire Kills (It Only Takes One Accident) 10.0 Chipotle: Carson-Good Food, Good Person 0.0 Chipotle: Bre-Just Bragging 0.0 Chipotle: Krista-Fresh Everyday 0.0 Chipotle: Robbie-Microwaves Not Welcome 0.0 DFS: Welcome in Spring 9.5 Audi: Synchronised Swim 9.8 McVitie's: Whaaaaat? 9.5 Ad of the Day | Kapilendo: Hidden Champion 9.8 Ad of the Day | Hula Hoops: Alley Oop 9.9 Direct Line: Tracey on Ice 8.3 MoneySuperMarket: Get Money Calm 9.0 Devil May Cry 5: Something Greater 0.0 NJM: Looking Ahead 7.0 NJM: Changes 9.0 Homestore and More: Home (Dad) 9.0 Homestore and More: Home (Daughter) 9.0 McDonald's: First Drive 9.8 Sky Sports: F1 start of season 8.0 IAD: You Have a New Meaage 9.0 Netflix: Make Room 9.5 Dairygold: One Magical Minute 9.0 Harry's: I Am Not Afraid 9.0 Cottonelle: DownThereCare (Meet His Parents) 0.0 Cottonelle: DownThereCare (Presentation) 0.0 Cottonelle: DownThereCare (Vacation) 0.0 Cottonelle: DownThereCare (Meet Her Parents) 0.0 Dubai Holding: There's living and then there's Madinat Jumeirah Living. 0.0

Latest News

Apr. 18, 2019

Magnet Harlequin Group relaunches as BRANDED, a new full-service agency group

The rebrand comes after a two-year process.

Apr. 17, 2019

ICHV & FCB Take Aim at Gun Violence to Shine a Light on the Safe Act

FCB Chicago has been partnering with ICHV for the past four years