Become 9.5 Assassin's Creed Origins: From Sand 9.5 GSMA: What if connectivity could close the homework gap? 0.0 Gatorade: History is History 9.5 HopCat: How to Pronounce “Vladimir Poutine.” Good Advice from the Inappropriate Cat. 4.8 Dell: Night before 0.0 Dell: First day back 0.0 Adobe: Hidden Treasures of Creativity 8.7 Martini: #JoyOfRacing 0.0 Adidas: #FanTheFire 9.0 Blue Cross: Pets Mean More 7.0 Huawei: Antoine Griezmann in "A Blurred Story" 0.0 Wake App in Peace: Pay for Peaceful Sleep 10.0 Amarula: #NameThemSaveThem 9.0 Evian: Oversize 9.5 Play-Doh: In The World of Play-Doh, 3 0.0 Play-Doh: In The World of Play-Doh, 2 0.0 Play-Doh: In The World of Play-Doh, 1 0.0 Warner Bros. Pictures: Lego Batman 0.0 Orange Tunisia: The Hammam Fighter 0.0 Ford: Don't Tap And Drive 10.0 Estadao: The Corruption Converter 10.0 Google: Adsafety 10.0 Google: Google art restoration 10.0 Samsung: The Impossible Talk 6.2 Deutsche Telekom: The Lenz App 0.0 Intersport: #RunTheSpring 9.5 Burger King: NafnaPhone 9.5 Cheapflights: EscEscape 10.0 INfluencia: Let’s Win a Cannes Lion’s Share 10.0 Twinings: The Natural Way to Colour Your Day, 3 0.0 Twinings: The Natural Way to Colour Your Day, 2 7.0 Twinings: The Natural Way to Colour Your Day, 1 0.0 Rongchang: Butty and Belly (Bloody Rebirth) 7.7 Rongchang: Butty and Belly (All About Ass) 5.5 Rongchang: Butty and Belly (Hero of Hot Pot) 9.5 Strand Arcade: AW’17 0.0 Pepsi: Live For Now Moments Anthem 8.0 Facebook: True news 10.0 Radio Sulamerica Paradiso: Sound Penalty 10.0 Huawei: #Handible Mate 9, Safe box 0.0 Huawei: #Handible Mate 9 Pro, Rhino 0.0

Latest News

Mar. 25, 2019

The Gerety Awards Deadline of April 1st Is Fast Approaching

There are 10 executive judging sessions held around the world that will create the shortlist.

Mar. 25, 2019

Ad of the Day | Romance is back with another ad for Intermarche-C'est Magnifique

“C’est Magnifique” premiers on TV March 24th and March 27th in cinemas.