Droga5, part of Accenture Interactive, is a creative agency with offices in London and New York.

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The New York Times: The Truth Is Essential 10.0 Facebook: We're Never Lost If We Can Find Each Other 5.0 Hennessy / NBA: Lines 9.5 Harley-Davidson: Magic Hour 9.0 Harley-Davidson: Breathe 9.0 Chase: Sizzle 6.7 Chase: Shuffle 10.0 Chase: Dip 10.0 Equinox: Play Forever 10.0 Equinox: Be the Power 10.0 Equinox: Eat Cleaner 10.0 Equinox: Experience Deeper 10.0 Equinox: The Most Selfless Act of All 10.0 Nordstrom: An Open Mind Is the Best Look 9.0 The New York Times: The Truth Is Worth It (Resolve) 8.0 The New York Times: The Truth Is Worth It (Courage) 0.0 The New York Times: The Truth Has a Voice 9.5 IHOP: Pilots 9.0 Christie's: The Last da Vinci 10.0 Google Pixel 2: Ask more of your phone 9.0 Ad of the Day | COVERGIRL: Made In The Mirror 9.4 Pizza Hut: Everyman 8.5 Under Armour: Misty Copeland - Unlike Any 10.0 Under Armour: Natasha Hastings - Unlike Any 0.0 Under Armour: Zoe Zhang - Unlike Any 0.0 Under: Armour Alison Désir - Unlike Any 0.0 Under Armour: Jessie Graff - Unlike Any 10.0 Johnsonville: Guess The Price of That Food 0.0 Johnsonville: Ruben & The Receders 0.0 Chase: Epic Ping Pong Chase 9.5 Quilted Northern: uSit 0.0 The New York Times: The Truth Is Hard 10.0 The New York Times: The Truth Is Hard 10.0 The Rustlers 2017: 360°, 1952 VR Experience 10.0 Sprint: No need for extreme 9.0 MailChimp: JailBlimp 8.0 MailChimp: KaleLimp 10.0 MailChimp: MailShrimp 8.0 RUSTLERS: 80 Years of Torment 9.7 Google: Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google 9.0 Google: Pixel, 4 8.0 Google: Pixel, 3 0.0

Latest News

Jul. 06, 2020

BMW, Jung von Matt and White Horse Music are Taking the Podcast Charts by Storm

The story stems from the pen of the creatives at Jung von Matt/NEXT ALSTER

Jul. 06, 2020

Global Creative Leaders Discuss Business Challenges At "Advertising Around the World" Panel

Four One Club Board members including chair Susan Credle of FCB Global to speak on July 14 panel