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Sonic Union is trusted with some of the highest profile commercial audio post work in the business.

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Verizon: Can’t B Broken 10.0 Silk: Planty Good 10.0 Mountain Dew: Baja Blast 10.0 BMW: Imitation 9.0 E*Trade: Picklebabies 6.5 Volkswagen: An American Love Story 10.0 Budweiser: Old School Delivery 9.0 Ad of the Day | Cybersmile: Modern Witch Trials 9.0 Wyoming Whiskey: Wide Open Spaces 9.0 Netflix & General Motors: It's the Least We Can Do 8.5 Hellmann’s: Who’s in the Fridge 9.0 Frank's RedHot: Frank it Up 0.0 Sheetz: Why The Sheetz Not, "Create Something" 9.0 Sheetz: Why The Sheetz Not, "Scan And Go" 8.0 Sheetz: Why The Sheetz Not, "Just Take It" 8.0 Sheetz: Why The Sheetz Not, "People" 9.0 Sheetz: Why The Sheetz Not, "Do It For The Kids" 8.0 Plenity: Who Said? 8.0 Verizon: Goodbye Cable 9.0 BMW: Zeus & Hera 9.0 Bud Light: Legends 9.5 Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade: Last Year's Lemons 10.0 Michelob ULTRA: Happy 9.5 New Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade: Family Jewelry 7.0 Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade: Tire 10.0 Michelob ULTRA: Ready to Roll 9.0 Verizon: The Cornered Store 9.5 IKEA: Call It Whatever You Want 0.0 Volkswagen Beetle: The Last Mile 8.8 Nissan: Freedom to Move 10.0 Visa: Money is Changing, The Cost 0.0 Visa: Money is Changing, Pay equality in Hollywood 0.0 Ad of the Day | Foot Locker: We See Things Differently 9.8 IKEA USA: The Morningmorphosis (Big Breakfast) 0.0 IKEA USA: The Morningmorphosis (Nice Hair) 0.0 IKEA USA: The Morningmorphosis (Stealthy Exit) 0.0 IKEA USA: The Morningmorphosis (Workout) 0.0 Microsoft: We All Win 10.0 Lyft: Yep, You Can 9.0 Ad of the Day | Lyft: Nope/Yep 10.0 USPS: Surprise Encounter 0.0 Samsung: Victory Dance 10.0

Latest News

Apr. 12, 2024

Mike's and Fantastica Bring Humor Back to Creativity in Peru

Mike's, the leading ready-to-drink brand, and the creative agency Fantástica join forces to challenge the conventional and bring humor back to Peru

Apr. 12, 2024

DREAMIES™ Host World's First cat Convention Just for Humans in new Campaign by Adam&Eve/DDB

MARS-owned cat treats brand, DREAMIES™, is calling on humans called Cat to get involved in its latest campaign