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The Considered break the rules others follow to build trust, knowledge and empowerment across the healthcare community. We believe it is time pre-pandemic methods were re-invented. We need to solve the challenges of reduced physical customer engagement by unlocking the potential of the tech-enabled society. We need to emulate the ingenuity of the medical breakthroughs we champion and share the heart of the families we serve. We need to rethink the outdated legacy ways of working. The talent pools are restricted to 50 miles from the office. The excessive layers of management. And while the pandemic fast-forwarded HCPs' and patients' adoption of technology and willingness to evolve their relationship they want and need more. Much more. They want more than just Healthcare. They want HealthControl™. So, we’ve assembled an experienced, proven and most importantly eclectic leadership team with that very goal in mind. Globally recognized leaders from clinical, client and communications backgrounds who are committed to waking up every day and helping improve someone’s life, somewhere, somehow. It’s an unwritten contract that everyone who works at The Considered enthusiastically embraces. We are building a new kind of agency and we’re building a new and improved kind of healthcare experience for all.

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