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Feb. 23, 2024

Ad of the Day | Battersea Launches a new Brand Platform with Emotive Film

Battersea, the animal welfare charity, has today unveiled a new brand platform and 360 campaign in its first work by New Commercial Arts

Sep. 30, 2021

FCB Inferno and Battersea Launch Wear Blue for Rescue

To encourage everyone to show their support for rescue animals everywhere

May. 25, 2020

Battersea and FCB Inferno Launch "Rescues to the Rescue" Film

The film first aired this weekend during Britain’s Got Talent and will be amplified across TV, VOD and social media throughout May and June

May. 13, 2019

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home appoints Blue State as strategic digital partner

Values-led campaign and creative agency Blue State will be working with Battersea to create a "Digital Innovation Forum"

Latest News

Feb. 23, 2024

Mindy Kaling and WW7 Ask Why You’Re Calling Them "Ma'Am"

World War Seven's Lizzy Born directs Maybelline's latest campaign for its Instant Eraser Treatment Makeup, starring their new spokesperson, Mindy Kaling

Feb. 23, 2024

Kia's EV9 and INNOCEAN Berlin do the Impossible by Bringing Back the Sun to Northern Europe

As vast parts of Europe plunge into darkness during the winter months, the lack of sunlight takes its toll on individuals' energy levels