Welcome to the Club for Pet Lovers

The platform was created by Belgian entrepreneur Nancy Delhalle and launched online in June 2019. It profiles itself as a free social network dedicated to pets, where pet owners publicly share their love for their faithful companion(s) by posting statuses, photos and videos. Mopets also recently become a collaborative platform of services for our furry friends, with classified ads and a directory of professionals in the business. With more than 12,000 animals registered in just a few weeks’ time, it was an immediate success! 


This is a start-up that was not born in a garage for a change, but... in a dog basket. Mopets is above all the story of Nancy, her husband Peter and Gus, their hunting dog, a Munsterländer adopted from a shelter at the age of eleven months. Due to professional circumstances, the family was forced to leave their rural home and had to move to a city apartment, but the owners could not imagine sending Gus back to the shelter. They had no idea how to deal with the problem, so they tried to meet other owners of Munsterländer who had had a similar experience. Having spent most of her career in communication and marketing, Nancy Delhalle could not miss this ideal solution to bring testimonies together: a community on the Net! The foundations of Mopets had been laid, and now they only needed to develop a profitable business model.

There was a need for an easily accessible meeting space where pet owners could talk and find, in the blink of an eye, all the answers to their questions. It is to this need that Mopets remedies, with contributions from both individuals and professionals (breeders, veterinarians, educators...). It aims to become the "reference" for all questions/needs related to pets.

Latest News

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