Waffle Factory

Savory and sweet waffles made every day on site and garnished with fresh and delicious ingredients!

Mar. 22, 2024

The First Waffle Bed for the World Waffle Day

To mark International Waffle Day on March 25, Waffle Factory was keen to celebrate what the company has been specializing in since 2003

Latest News

Apr. 16, 2024

Director, Writer, Designer Danny Sangra Joins Afterhrs

Afterhrs., a content studio has united with London-based director, writer and illustrator Danny Sangra, whose work spans form and genre with captivating and wildly entertaining results

Apr. 15, 2024

Cut+Run Welcomes Editor Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt for U.S. Representation

Rasmus is known for applying his editing talent to emotionally-driven, visually striking, cinematic projects that inspire curiosity and tell deeply resonant human stories