Xylem puts technology to work solving water scarcity, affordability and accessibility

Mar. 13, 2023

Xylem and Man City's Pep Guardiola Unite Again, With an Urgent Wake-Up Call to Escalating Wastewater Issues

Xylem's campaign, developed by Brave, aims to garner support to Take the Waste out of Water

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Sep. 30, 2023

JvM Nerd & Stunning Studio Create Own Multi-Brand Fortnite Game Experience

KICKZ M3TA, the Metaverse joint venture that includes basketball and fashion retailer KICKZ, Jung von Matt NERD, and brandneo, is launching the "Mooncourt"

Sep. 29, 2023

How Effective Music Collaboration Elevates Ad Quality

Music collaboration, by bringing together diverse talents and perspectives, significantly elevates the effectiveness of an advertisement