AC Milan Turns the Night Red and Black With its Champions League Derby Campaign

AC Milan Turns the Night Red and Black With its Champions League Derby Campaign

May. 15, 2023

For football fans, home is the place where the passion for their team lives every day, unwavering.

That is why, for the UCL match against Inter, AC Milan turned fans' homes into a silent but powerful declaration of support for the team.

In the days leading up to the Derby, AC Milan handed out red light bulbs to fans during the Milan-Lazio football match, at Casa Milan and in Milan Stores. Everyone was invited to light up their homes with them, thus turning the black of nights before the UCL semi-finals to red and black.

Moreover, in order to allow every fan of the world to take part in this ritual, the football club went live on Youtube with a special red screen video to be broadcasted on home TVs or laptops to light up homes with the Rossoneri passion all over the world.

The global strength of the brand enabled AC Milan to engage its international community not only on a social level in their homes, but also in the streets of their cities. The brand lit up several iconic buildings all over the world, starting from Milan with the Duomo, San Siro Stadium, Blind Istitute, Milan Convention Center MICO, Wefox Italy and Mansutti HQ, HQ Banco BPM, to Puma HQ in Herzogenaurach and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, to create even more awareness of the campaign. ​​The red-lit buildings around the world joined the black skies to bring the legendary colors of the brand to life.

The campaign produced more than 450 total assets generating more than 6.5 million engagements worldwide across all digital platforms, data that led the brand to climb the charts and be 6th in video views on Instagram and 2nd on TikTok.

Miriam Piacentini, Head of Content of AC Milan said:

"While it is true that every fan has their own pre-match ritual, for this historic UCL semi-final we wanted to create a new one, one that would unite us all around the world. The passion of the Rossoneri is always on and in this multi-channel, global campaign it gets all the light it deserves."  


Lamberto Siega, Digital, Media & Studios Director of Milan commented:

"It's always exciting to see how the Rossonera family around the world responds to the call of their team, supporting them not only at the stadium but also in the intimacy of their own homes, as happened with this campaign. A special thanks therefore goes to the entire Club, which moved in unison for the best amplification of the campaign, to the creative agency Hello, our strategic and creative partner, and to all the fans around the world."

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