Ad of the Day | "40 Children, 1 Chair", a film by Publicis Peru for Ronald McDonald House

Ad of the Day | "40 Children, 1 Chair", a film by Publicis Peru for Ronald McDonald House

Apr. 10, 2024

Forty families arrive in Lima every day in search of a home to help them cope with their medical treatment. Currently only 1 person gets a place thanks to Casa Ronald.

With the aim of raising awareness about the difficult situation faced by families of children in need of medical treatment in Lima, Casa Ronald, together with McDonald's Peru, has launched a moving campaign carried out by Publicis Peru.

Ronald McDonald House is an association dedicated to providing accommodation and support to these families during the children's treatment period. However, with alarming data revealing that of the 40 children who arrive daily in the city in search of medical attention, only 1 manages to find a place to live temporarily.

Kathy Carrillo from Publicis Peru commented:

"The campaign not only highlights the problem, but also offers a tangible solution: donate to the Ronald McDonald House. Doing so provides an opportunity to give these families a home away from home, providing them with not only a roof over their heads, but also emotional support and comfort in difficult times, so that their children with complex illnesses receive the medical care they require."


"40 Children, 1 Chair" uses the powerful symbolism of the game of chairs to illustrate the harsh reality these families face. The piece shows how, just like in the game, there are a lot of people looking for a seat, but only one is available. This reflects the desperate situation of these families who struggle to find a place to stay during their children's treatment.

Sandra Santillan Zuniga, director of sustainability at the Ronald McDonald House concluded:

"The figure that reality gives us is complex, knowing that 40 children cannot access accommodation like the Ronald House to continue their medical treatments, awakened in our organization the desire and conviction to contribute and improve with this problem. From moment 0, Publicis gave us a hand and since then, we have been working as allies, they joined without hesitation and put together a proposal that carries the hope of an entire organization, with a great desire to open more shelters for children and adolescents. We know that the road is difficult, but when strength, capacity, knowledge and, above all, heart come together, everything flows."


The campaign, being such a relevant initiative for the country, also had the support of different parties such as Señor Z, Del Mate productions and Rodrigo Malnati.

Bacha Caravedo. Director of Senor Z added:

"Getting to know the Ronald House and the incredible work they do, was the biggest motivation to film the project from the heart,"


If you want to collaborate with Ronald McDonald House, you can go to: www.

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