Ad of the Day | Could You Identify Your Partner Just by the Touch of Their Hand?

Ad of the Day | Could You Identify Your Partner Just by the Touch of Their Hand?

May. 03, 2021

It is widely considered theory that couples in long-term relationships are so familiar with each other that they can identify their partner blindfolded, just by touching their hand.  

A new social and online campaign to highlight the softness of SKYN Condoms, ‘Soft Love, Brings Us Closer’ by UltraSuperNew Tokyo, uses the incredible power of long-term intimacy to demonstrate that couples can do just that: recognize their partners hand, blindfolded.

The theory was put to the test by blindfolding five couples and capturing their results and reactions in a touching cinematic-style film.

All five women identified their partners correctly, with only two out of five of the men choosing their right partner!

Marc Wesseling, co-founder and CEO of UltraSuperNew said:

“It is essential to respect cultural sensitivities when creating effective brand campaigns for our clients. With 'Soft Love, Brings us Closer' we wanted to create a sophisticated, emotional and engaging piece of work which will resonate with our target audience, but which respects the Japanese culture at the same time.”

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