Ad of the Day | Game ON! On Running and Builders Club Launch the New Cloudgo Campaign

Ad of the Day | Game ON! On Running and Builders Club Launch the New Cloudgo Campaign

Aug. 26, 2022

On Running has joined forces with Studio Voile and London and New York based creative production company Builders Club to deliver a futuristic, 360 campaign for the launch of the new Cloudgo.

Cloudgo is designed for everyone and anyone who is just getting started with fresh running goals. With On Running's unique, game-changing CloudTec cushioning, combined with a tailored Speedboard®, it gives the wearer outstanding comfort and inspiring energy return, with every single step.

Builders Club was brought on board to direct, shoot and produce the campaign film and stills, titled "Game On". The main campaign objective was to appeal to new runners just getting started, or those looking for a suitable trainer to help them push to a new goal. On Running reveals an affordable, comfortable, energy-boosting shoe that will help kick start any journey.

Builders Club and On Running sought to create more than just another product film. The idea was to merge the runners' urban journey with a gaming aesthetic and experience. This core idea struck the team as the ideal metaphor for showcasing the Cloudgo’s unique technology and ability to "level-up" and achieve your goals.

The Cloudgo world switches off gravity, transforms, stretches, multiplies, deforms and reinvents the world around the wearer the further they go. It makes our everyday environment turn into a surreal playground of endless possibilities. Builders Club took inspiration from retro games,with everyday objects becoming fun obstacles, urban objects and textures glitching and the environment ‘levels’ becoming progressively more complex and strange as the runner moves forward. The overall outcome is the fun, playful world where it seems that anyone can run in and make it their own - no pressure, just game on.

Jonas Hegi, Director at Builders Club commented:

”We really liked the idea to look at all the things that go wrong in video games and apply that to the real world in a stylised way. Basically messing up our runner’s environments to the point where it becomes an Escheresque landscape where nothing makes much sense anymore. What really excited me early on was our tests with 360 cameras and the seamless integration of CGI. Playing with the typical 360 camera aesthetic and its possibilities and using the technology in a new context was one of the most challenging things in the whole process yet also one of the most rewarding ones.”


Jonas added:

”On Running was a dream to work with, we were lucky enough to have a really dynamic, open brief to play with, incredible mutual trust and a team of creative minds all eager and open to creative exploration. Pushing outside of the usual brand approach to create a surreal depiction that is still rooted in reality”


Shot on location in Barcelona, the film mixes 3D scans, drone footage, 360 shots and quirky CG in a visceral, energetic edit, with custom music composition that builds in layers and intensity the further you progress. We open on our hero runner stuck in the monotony of day to day life at home, repeating the same boring routine again and again before they receive the new Cloudgo and their reality levels up. The shoe opens up a new world as we are compelled to run forward, it’s immediately Game On.

Once in the streets the world begins to bend, morph and move in a fantastical way keeping the runner in awe and moving forward as they conquer every twist and turn. The city becomes the runners' playground. Reaching it’s close the world is almost fully transformed and immersive and they complete what we realise is the first game level of many to come…

The campaign, which consists of a 60-second social film, various cutdowns plus multiple stills, window displays and a snapchat game, is live across On Running’s social channels, website, newsletter, stores and POS.

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