Ad of the Day | GEICO pre-roll ads have taken on a new life

Ad of the Day | GEICO pre-roll ads have taken on a new life

Feb. 08, 2018

Following in the footsteps of Unskippable, Fast Forward, and Crushed, The Martin Agency brings you “Interrupt-a-palooza.”

The Martin Agency and Geico managed to cram more fun, information and branding into 15-seconds than ever before. How? By not only admitting that ad is interrupting you, but by getting in on the fun by interrupting themselves.

There are six spots total: "Nighty-Night", "A Special Delivery", "Skate Expectations", "A Day to Remember", "Out of Season", "Smile and Say ‘Skis".

Neel Williams, VP, Creative Director, said:

“In the previous three rounds of pre-roll work, we played with the concept of time. First by skipping to the end, then fast-forwarding through the middle, and last year, condensing our ads. This year, we took a different approach, but still kept things very self-aware. Rather than apologize for the interruption, we thought it would be fun to lean into it.”  


Associate Creative Director, Mauricio Mazzariol, shares the sentiments of most viewers:

Getting interrupted before watching an online video is not exactly a Ferris wheel ride. So, these new Interrupt-a-palooza ads are supposed to bring some humor to the issue by embracing the disruptive nature of pre-roll and taking it to a whole new level.”

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