Ad of the Day | Lacoste Unveils its Latest Iconic Brand Campaign "Play Big"

Ad of the Day | Lacoste Unveils its Latest Iconic Brand Campaign "Play Big"

Apr. 25, 2024


In 2024, Lacoste boldly seizes the opportunity to take fashion-sport to the next level. Featuring the iconic Crocodile presented with an elevated artistic treatment, Lacoste once more demonstrates that it is a resolutely forward-looking brand, with audacity, wit, pioneering spirit and style.

“Play Big” is a powerful call to action capturing the large-scale impact of the iconic Crocodile, embracing the inner fortitude of each brand ambassador, and highlighting the unbeatable spirit of the pioneering fashion-sport Maison. It invites each person to make the world their own court.

To bring this grandiose campaign to life, Lacoste and its historic agency, BETC Paris, called on four of the most talented creative minds. Experts in their own domains, each brought their singular vision to colour, light, form and sound: contemporary artists Imruh Asha and Ibby Njoya, legendary photographer, Willy Vanderperre and composer Antonio Sánchez, celebrated for his Birdman movie soundtrack.

The Crocodile is a masterful blend of precise engineering, textile art, and craftsmanship. The brand emblem is transformed into a monumental work of art measuring 8m long and nearly 3m high with open jaws.


Lacoste chose to spotlight the giant Crocodile, a vibrant representation of the brand. Colourful, playful and oversized, it perfectly illustrates Lacoste’s savoir-faire and wittiness.

As a pioneer of fashion-sport, it was essential for Lacoste to reference tennis, elevating textile materials such as mesh, cotton polo, and knitwear, to create a strong fashion and savoir- faire connection. Thus, the colossal Crocodile art piece is made in a large part from traditional tennis fashion materials.


“Play Big” finds its heartbeat in the uniqueness of six iconic ambassadors, each an inspirational figure in their field, and each embodying the audacity, unlimited creativity, and confidence that is the very essence of Lacoste. Each ambassador interacts with the Crocodile in their own way, reflecting their individual style, personality, and driving force.

Serbian tennis legend Novak Djokovic, the player with the most Grand Slam titles, stands strong, holding apart the Crocodile's jaws. Demonstrating the calmness, power, and fearlessness that have propelled him to unprecedented heights in the sport, Djokovic's relaxed demeanour mirrors his unparalleled dominance on the court.

Venus Williams, the most revolutionary player of her generation, faces the Crocodile with grace and determination. Her confident stance symbolises the meeting of two iconic forces.

Celebrated French actor Pierre Niney embodies the brand's elegance, playfulness, and audacity. His long-standing connection with Lacoste, fostered by his love of tennis, is evident as he casually tosses a tennis ball into the Crocodile's mouth, a riff on a historic image of René Lacoste and a live Crocodile.

South Korean singer and model, Jeon Somi, brings pop culture, youth, fashion and wit to the campaign, holding the tooth of the Crocodile with relaxed grace.

South Korean actor, Ahn Hyo Seop’s tranquil yet bold stance mirrors his meteoric rise in the film world, while his red polo t-shirt subtly blends with the Crocodile’s red tongue, creating a chameleon effect.

China's rising star, Wang Yibo kicks his leg up in parallel with the Crocodile’s open jaws behind him, creating a witty mirror effect. His liberated movements resonate with Lacoste's vision.

Catherine Spindler, Deputy CEO of Lacoste said:

"At Lacoste, we are very proud to draw on a rich heritage while maintaining a spirit of innovation. And because we constantly strive to reinvent ourselves, this new “Play Big” campaign is an occasion to reaffirm the power of our iconic crocodile, our fashion roots and our rightful place in the realm of sports and especially tennis."

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