Ad of the Day | Sky And Netflix Take Us On Another Magical Journey

Ad of the Day | Sky And Netflix Take Us On Another Magical Journey

Jun. 22, 2022

Sky Creative and FAMILIA have reunited for a new campaign that showcases the power of bringing Sky and Netflix together in one place. The latest instalment in the series, this spot follows a couple as they discover and collect new shows to combat the "End of Series Blues"

Made for the UK market, the couple travel through the worlds of popular shows including Succession, Gangs of London, Bridgerton and Stranger Things. In each world, they witness the hero characters in tense, stunning and exciting moments which entice them to collect a Tile of the stories to watch later.

Ultimately a homage to the featured shows, FAMILIA and Sky Creative decided to insert the characters into existing stories while being respectful of the other directors and producers who crafted the original work. To navigate this, the team devised multiple ideas for each vignette, which the different production companies then collaborated on to find the right tone - maintaining excitement without stepping on the toes of their original visions. 

With FAMILIA, Sky, Netflix, and beyond all working together, the teams looked to push the creative to new heights. Determined to achieve the best results, they took the shoot out of the studio, giving a scope and depth to the scenes that adds real value to the finished project.

David Mellor, Director, comments:

"This campaign was like getting back into a comfortable pair of shoes. We brought the same team together again and it shows. The matching of camera and art direction by Jordan Buck and Caroline Story to the show footage is excellent, in that you don’t even question whether our shots were part of the original footage. I love the challenge of breaking down reverse angles to introduce our characters into the scenes, weaving together a seamless story.’"


Toby Walsham, Executive Producer, said:

"What's not to like? South Africa during the peak of summer, big art builds, shooting on airfields, and vintage cars. As far as jobs go this was a dream job. Making ideas better together is what FAMILIA is all about. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do."


He added:

"Working together again with the passionate team at Sky Creative made the process all the more enjoyable. There is now a great synergy between Sky and FAMILIA that has formed off the back of collaborating on multiple campaigns, often bringing challenges along the way but always materialising into films we are proud of at the very end. David Mellor brought it all to the table, he didn’t leave a stone unturned in his endeavour for perfection. This VFX background and directing expertise made for a perfect storm of skills for a project like this."

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