Ad of the Day | This Back-To-School Season, Eden Gen Will Provide Sex Education Classes

Ad of the Day | This Back-To-School Season, Eden Gen Will Provide Sex Education Classes

Aug. 27, 2021

Since 41% of young people say that porn impacts their sexual habits, the new condom brand Eden Gen invites you to join the #Sextember movement: in September, participate in a month without porn and discover sex differently. This challenge, addressed to the youth and imagined from A-Z by Buzzman, is the first brand activation for Eden Gen. A large-scale social media campaign will accompany the launch of the challenge, starting on August 23 in the run up to September.

Between National Geographic and porn, the sex education of Generation Z has a huge gap… two extremes of discovery of sexuality which are both far from reality. Teenagers deserve that we speak to them about sex with frankness. Especially when we know that for almost half of them porn has played a determining role in their learning of sexuality. A provocative subject among young people: full of misunderstandings, complexes, imitations and uncertainties.
In order to protect young people in their first steps towards discovering sexuality, Eden Gen intends to demystify the prejudices that they can have about sex by deconstructing, in a fun and playful way, the preconceived notions conveyed by pornographic culture.

Through 4 mini-films, graphics and a poster campaign, Eden Gen relieves the worries of young people by reminding them that sex is not a question of size, duration or performance. To illustrate these messages, the campaign uses simple and fun euphemisms – a cat jumping in front of a cucumber or a contest for eating the biggest hot dog. The social media campaign will link directly to a dedicated website, where useful and educational advice, fun information and entertaining content will be made available.
And to go even further, the brand is launching the #SextemberChallenge on TikTok. With erotic music playing in the background, young people will have free rein to imagine everyday scenes playfully eroticized – two stuffed toys sharing bed, a suggestive shadow, a buddy eating a banana… while indicating the stage of the Sextember challenge that they are at. And to avoid any risk of temptation, a “porn blocker” Chrome extension will be available for download on the website.
So, are you ready to deconstruct your preconceptions?

With this campaign, Eden Gen is starting the hard work of defending healthy sexuality and affirming its desire to be the brand that young people can count on when it comes to talking about sex. Eden Gen will therefore follow by making more and more statements in this regard throughout the year.
The dedicated site, unveiled since August 23, will be supported by a social media campaign aimed at Generation Z, on Tik Tok, Instagram and Youtube.

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