AP Thailand and CJ WORX Bangkok challenge social-ready photography norm, with Parentographer

AP Thailand and CJ WORX Bangkok challenge social-ready photography norm, with Parentographer

Nov. 05, 2019

Why do we build our social media status so perfectly until there’s no space left for our family? Home is not a place, it’s people.

With this strong belief as a leader in property developer, AP Thailand once again teamed up with its partner, CJ WORX Bangkok, which together have won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix in 2017 from The Unusual Football Field campaign, to solve social distance issues occurring over the world, especially in Thailand where family is valued in society.

But how can we close the generation gap between family in both real life and on social media?

Everyone has someone who’s most willing to take our photos. Why don’t we spend time with them more? 

Therefore, AP Thailand and CJ WORX Bangkok created Parentographer the world’s first ever photography workshop to encourage parents to take social-worthy photos for their grown-up children, and to challenge young generations to change their perception towards “perfect” photos and proudly post their unique, imperfect yet heart-warming photos #CapturedByMom #CapturedBydad on social media, to make it home for everyone.

Wasin Panumaporn, social media user, says:

“It doesn’t matter how the photos turn out. It only matters that the photographer is my mom.”


AP Thailand also celebrates quirky photos #CapturedByMom #CapturedBydad from real consumers on billboards all over the country to ignite everyone to see the true meaning within photos, to spend more time with family and let them be favourite Parentographer.

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