Art Meets Advertising for Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 Sculpture

Art Meets Advertising for Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 Sculpture

Jun. 04, 2024

CJ WORX collaborates with renowned Thai artist, Mackcha, to unveil the "Chalotte 2in1" Art Sculpture, featuring two figures merged into one, symbolizing the combination of shampoo and conditioner in a single bottle. This collaboration aims to promote the launch of the new shampoo "Head&Shoulders 2in1" from P&G.

In this collaboration, CJ WORX joins forces with Mackcha, whose "Chalotte" artwork has gained immense popularity in Thailand, with exhibitions and galleries consistently selling out, becoming a household name.

For the character Chalotte, she is a girl who comes from the sea, characterized by a blue tone and a somber face. She represents someone who is insecure and unsure about facing the outside world. However, one day, Chalotte wanted to change herself to be more confident in order to step out into the world. So, she split herself into two versions: a bright pink version and a confident blue version. But since she couldn't choose which version to be, she combined them into "Chalotte 2in1," having "two versions in one body." No longer having to choose between the two, Chalotte is now brighter, and more confident than ever. This is the concept behind the collaboration with Head & Shoulders 2in1.

The "Chalotte 2in1" sculpture also represents the fusion of shampoo and conditioner, with one side in blue symbolizing anti-dandruff, resulting in confidence to show off a clean scalp and the other in pink representing smooth and beautiful hair. This reflects the dual benefits of Head&Shoulders 2in1, eliminating dandruff while giving clean and silky hair, providing both benefits without having to choose between the two.

The launch of "Chalotte 2in1" on May 13th generated many excitements. The sculpture will be showcased in leading malls nationwide, spreading awareness of the benefits of the new product, Head&Shoulders 2in1, through this intriguing feature of two merged figures.

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