Belgo & Happiness Saigon Creates a Machine that Upgrades Cheap Beer into Craft Beer

Belgo & Happiness Saigon Creates a Machine that Upgrades Cheap Beer into Craft Beer

Nov. 23, 2022

When most beer is as cheap as water, it’s hard to convince people to take a chance on a specialty brew with fresh ingredients and a price to match. So Belgo, a Belgian craft beer brewed in Vietnam, launched the beer-currency promotion, allowing beer lovers to exchange any mass market beer for the higher end Belgo and taste the difference.

Belgo, brewed in-house with fresh ingredients - some shipped straight from Belgium - the unique brews are priced higher than any regular beer on the market. Every beer honors the rich history and tradition of Belgian beers. 

So, how can you convince a country with access to some of the cheapest beer in the world to take a chance on a more expensive brew?

Nick Stillittano, Creative/Production Director, Happiness Saigon said:

"With a product like Belgo accessibility is a challenge - no one wants to take a chance on a beer that’s 8x the price of what they already know they enjoy. Turning the accessibility of those mass market brands to our advantage, we think there’s something fun in there."


Beer-lovers from all across the city grabbed whatever mass market beer they could from local convenience stores and bars and flocked to the vending machine to finally try a quality Belgo without having to really pay for it. 

Jazz Tonna, Partner, Creative Director, Happiness Saigon said:

"This vending machine is the first of a larger platform for Belgo that aims to take it from a relatively unknown craft beer in Vietnam to a household name. Hopefully we can prove that smaller brands can stand up to bigger budgets with a little faith in creative ideas."


The promotion is also available at all Belgo pubs, where you can exchange a can of any beer at the counter for a fresh pulled craft Belgian beer.

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