Bellman Cracks The Whip On Co-Ownership Property Management Sector With Steve

Bellman Cracks The Whip On Co-Ownership Property Management Sector With Steve

Feb. 18, 2022

Who can say: "I am completely satisfied with my syndic (building manager) and I wouldn't change them for anything in the world"? 

Unfortunately, few French people can... In a study conducted by Bellman with Harris Interactive in November 2021, 45% of co-owners say they are dissatisfied with the syndic in charge of managing their co-ownership. 

This mistrust is caused by a high level of opacity and many abuses, but it is all about to change with the arrival of new players such as Bellman. A new-generation professional syndic, that has entirely reinvented co-ownership property management to move things forward, combining the performance of digital technology for greater control (renovations, budgets, etc.) with greater availability of managers for greater efficiency. 

For its first advertising campaign, Bellman chose independent agency Steve for a bold out-of-home campaign inviting people to (at long last!) switch their syndic, when only 19% of co-owners say they intend to do so. 

In order to appeal to people and encourage them to take action, Steve has devised an out-of-home campaign unveiled on February 8** with a quirky, catchy and biting tone to tell co-owners that there is no longer any reason to put up with their management company... unless they enjoy it. A campaign of 4 visuals shot by Sacha Goldberger known in particular for his series of photos of his grandmother "Mamika" or his series of Super Heroes shot in the style of Flemish paintings.

Antonio Pinto, CEO of Bellman says:

"A certain sense of fatality, but also a feeling of weariness have set in among co-owners. Through this campaign, we wanted to tell them with a touch of humour that their suffering could come to an end. And by suffering, we are not exaggerating anything: the disappointments highlighted in this campaign are the unfortunate reality for some co-owners. No one should continue to accept this anymore." 


Guillaume Lartigue, Co-President Creative Director of Steve adds:

"To appeal to these too often frustrated co-owners and display the effectiveness of its model, Bellman had to come up with a strong message to generate an electroshock effect, but do so with the humour and sense of affinity that immediately creates a bond."


A powerful 360° media plan will be deployed for 6 weeks in metro, buses, bus shelters and stations and completed by a digital, social and (e-)PR plan.

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