Burger King Becomes The Fire Experts' Sponsor In Colombia

Burger King Becomes The Fire Experts' Sponsor In Colombia

Aug. 18, 2021

Although Burger King®️ has been operating in Colombia for years, it is not commonly related to its main attribute: being a hamburger made of fire and grill. To change this, Fantastica created Experts in Fire, the brand's first campaign produced in the country.

For the campaign, where the brand becomes the official sponsor of the Firefighters, Fantástica developed a film that honors them, a membership that grants them with benefits and a promotion that is doubled if the user has a firefighter in their family.

Alejo Gómez, Creative VP of Fantástica, describes:

"We decided to forget about the celebrities, the stars of Tik Tok and the soccer players, to use as an image those who really understand fire, since they face it every day: The Firemen."


Alejo adds:

We are also looking for the man who, after saving himself from the fire, decided to fight it and become a firefighter, to give him a lifetime membership in Burger King®.


Regarding the initiative, Alejandro Henao, President of Burger King Colombia, comments:

It´s a great idea, it's a direct association with our brand DNA, Burger King® is the meaning of Parrilla; It is with fire that we prepare our Whopper® and all our products with 100% beef. Who better to represent us than the Fire Department, great heroes and truly fire experts.”


He adds that this will be the first of many campaigns with the agency:

"We are honored to work with Fantástica, we share the same feeling of being dynamic and responding to a market that lives in 'Real Time'. It is an ally with whom we are working on the resurgence of Burger King® communicating to Colombia –in an intelligent and creative way– what makes us proud: our heart on the grill and the pleasure that we receive every day more customers who enjoy a Whopper®.”


For her part, Jimena Montoya, Marketing Director Burger King®️ Colombia, highlights:

Experts in fire allow us to creatively align Burger King® with its most important attribute. The campaign is born from two ways: a tribute to Firefighters and reinforce, being validated by them, our strongest attribute as a brand.”


Burger King®️ has approximately 11 million daily guests in its restaurants around the world and in Colombia they have around 36 restaurants that provide a constant and innovative offer of high-quality hamburgers.

Alejo Gómez concludes:

The fire and the grill are characteristics of Burger King, but in Colombia that is attributed to other brands that only have 10% of their products made on the grill. That is why we decided to change the rules of the game and do something that would break with what Colombians in communication of this category had seen for years.

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