Burger King Returns this Halloween with a "Ghost Campaign"

Burger King Returns this Halloween with a "Ghost Campaign"

Oct. 27, 2023

Like every year, Burger King surprises again with its special campaign for Halloween led by DAVID Madrid. In a humorous way, the hamburger chain has launched an "invisible campaign" with which users will be able to obtain free products until October 31. 

The mechanic is very simple: users have to take a photo of the campaign (empty streets, buildings, switched off tvs…), and send it through X (formerly Twitter) or Instagram with the hashtag #SometimesISeeBurger. During this week, the community manager will be a psychic. He’ll be in charge of see the invisible ads that people share and reveal which products people have won.   

Prizes vary from snacks such as nuggets to hamburgers such as the Long Chicken or the classic Whopper. 

Fred Bosch Creative Director of David Madrid, said:

"With so many brands joining this date, it is increasingly difficult to surprise and find fresh ideas. That's why this time, we have left terror aside and created an idea based on humor and irreverence, so characteristic of Burger King. In the past we launched campaigns that worked very well, such as 3AM Apparitions, Home of the Ghosts or Scary Clown Night. And this year, with Ghost Campaign, we hope to have the same or even more success."


The promotion will be present (invisibly) on billboards, posters, TVCs, radio spots and a giant billboard in the heart of Madrid.

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